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And The Winner Is!

They announced the winner of the Carbuncle Cup this week and the story is here in the Guardian. Here’s the first paragraph.

Cramped rooms with low ceilings and one small window facing directly on to a brick wall. If you crane your neck, you can just about see the outside world. It could be a description of the cells in Pentonville Prison, but these are the conditions enjoyed just down the road from the Victorian jail in a new student accommodation block for University College London – today announced as winner of the Carbuncle Cup by Building Design magazine, for the worst building of the year.

It might appear to some, that the judges thought the student residence at 465 Caledonian Road was even worse on the inside than the outside.

This is generally unusual, as I think we’ve all stayed in bad looking hotels, where the rooms were excellent.

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Do We Have Too Many Site-Seeing Buses In London?

On Friday, I needed to get from Piccadily Circus to the Aldwych, which is a simple one bus journey on a 6, 13 or 23. But the whole area was in chaos because of large numbers of site-seeing buses.  This one was even parked so that it blocked the Haymarket.

Do We Have Too Many Site-Seeing Buses In London?

Do We Have Too Many Site-Seeing Buses In London?

Hopefully, when more New Buses for London are delivered and take over routes in the centre, the economics of taking of the annoying tourist-ripping-off site-seeing buses will take a well-deserved nose-dive.

I’m also getting rather fed up in some places in London by the annoying ticket touts for these buses, who I keep telling to Foxtrot Oscar.

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An Elegant Design

One problem I have with my gammy left hand, is eating on the move, as salads can be a bit much to manage, as I really need a plate and a knife and fork.

I saw this excellent spoon/fork/knife in Cotswold in Islington this morning.

An Elegant Design

An Elegant Design

At only two pounds, I bought one.

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Is This A Legitimate Use Of The Word Cripple?

Cripple is a word that was very common when I was growing up. But it is now one of those words that gets exchanged these days for something more politically correct.

On reading the latest Modern Railways, they talked about a cripple siding at Ipswich. Searching the Internet for the term found this article on the history of railway sidings. It says this about cripple sidings.

The first justification for a siding today is as a “cripple siding”. Basically if a train cannot move at normal speed under its own power, the controller will be desperate to get it off the running lines as soon as possible so that the service can continue. In effect, this is the railway operational equivalent of “any port in a storm”.

The article goes on to give two examples of such a siding in the London Underground.



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Paid-For Bank Account Complaints Soar

It is being reported that complaints about paid-for bank accounts are soaring. It’s here in the Guardian. Here’s a flavour.

Complaints about wrongly sold, fee-paying current accounts are rising sharply according to data that suggests this could be the latest mis-selling scandal to hit the financial sector.

Nationwide have been trying to sell me a paid-for account for some time. It gives a whole series of things I don’t want like car breakdown cover and a guaranteed derisory interest rate on a small amount of money.  They even tempt me with an Upgrade Now button on my on-line account. I wonder how many people have been fooled by it!

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