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My Hotel In Bilbao

I stayed at the Silken Gran Dominie hotel in Bilbao.

The hotel was comfortable and although it was a five-star one, I got each night of my say at €102.30.

The food and service were good and I ate in the hotel for most of the two days, as they knew their gluten-free and I wasn’t too sure about other places in the city.

But various little things were not what you would expect from a good hotel.

The wi-fi was free, but the passwords were so complicated, I never managed to get connected. My username was all numbers and letters with a password of kKf6vaW6.  Ty typing those in on the small screen of a Samsung S3 Mini. But at least they provided a free desktop machine in the Business Centre.

There was no bathrobes, tea or coffee equipment or free water in the room, which I expect in a five star hotel.

There were also a few small details that annoyed.  One was that you could only empty the bath from inside it, as you couldn’t reach the control for the plug. Note the picture of the bath! It’s full of water, which I couldn’t release once I had got dressed.

On the other hand the house wine cost just two euros a glass in the hotel’s cafe. And it was good too!

I’d definitely stay again, but I would expect the same cost!

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Security Is Sometimes Entertaining

There was a bit of delay at security, as the staff kept getting beeps from this rather obese couple, who had to go through the detector several times.

In the end the staff said the beeps were caused by the passengers’ fat or something like that!

It did mean though, that I was some minutes longer getting to the gate.

It all added more meaning to that old phrase. “Time to spare, go by air!”

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Stansted Airport Isn’t What It Used To Be!

When I flew out of Stansted Airport on Sunday to Bilbao on easyJet, the place was full.  And so were the bins!

Stansted Airport Isn't What It Used To Be!

Stansted Airport Isn’t What It Used To Be!

It’s not to the same standard it was a few years ago!

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One Down To BT Sport

A friend, who has Sky, missed his team; Sheffield United. win the FA Cup today, as the match was on BT Sport.

All of these channels must get their act together, so we can all watch our favourite sport.

It would be nice if all matches were available through the Internet on a dedicated UK Football portal. But that would probably be illegal under EU Law.

But then what does the EU know about football and technology?

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England Against Italy In Manaus

Years ago, as a child, I read stories of Manaus; one of the most fascinating places on earth and have always secretly wanted to go.

Now that England are going to face Italy in their first match at the 2014 World Cup, I must say that I’m more than tempted to go, especially if the trip can be paired with a wildlife tour on the Amazon.


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