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Walking Around Margate

I spent a couple of hours in Margate and walked up the front in the sun to the Turner Contemporary and the Sliding House.

The Turner Contemporary was well worth a visit, but the Sliding House was a bit disappointing and was very much inferior to the Dalston House.

Recently, I have been to the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao. Call me a Philistine if you like, but although the building of the Turner Contemporary isn’t of the same standard as the Guggenheim, the art it contains, even if you discount the excellent paintings by Turner, is much better than that in Spain.

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To And From Margate

I took these pictures on the journeys between Stratford International and Margate stations.

One thing you can say is that the Class 395 makes a good camera platform, if you get one of the tables.

It is certainly one of the more interesting train journeys out of London, with plenty to appeal to children of all ages.

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Is This The Most Unwelcoming Station In The UK?

To get to Margate, I’d bought a Senior Off Peak Standard Class Ticket from Stratford International station to Margate.

As I got to the station a few minutes early, I had to wait for nearly twenty minutes on a draughty platform, with only a little sun filtering into the cutting of the station.

To make matters worse, a couple of Eurostar trains thundered through and frightened the daylights out of me!

It certainly isn’t my favourite station and next time I catch a train there, I’ll wait upstairs until the last minute. Or go from St. Pancras!

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The Immaculate Lady On The Train

This morning I took the Overground to Stratford to catch the high-speed train to Margate, so I could have a look sat the town and its attractions and hopefully get some fresh air in the sun by the sea.

Opposite me, was a Chinese girl of about twenty, and a white lady of about my age. The Chinese girl appeared to be sketching something, so I stood up and asked her, saying that in all my years no-one had ever made a drawing of me. I also exchanged a few words with the other lady, who from her accent was English, or had lived here all her life.

As the girl wasn’t drawing me, I returned to my seat and carried on with my sudoku.

I then looked at the English lady, who was immaculate dressed from top to toe, in the style of someone twenty years younger, with a just-above-the-knee black skirt, black tights, a beige cashmere roll-neck jumper and short boots in a harlequin design. She’d let her hair go grey and it was held back with a clip. I can’t remember what her coat was like, but as C always did, she was wearing expensive leather gloves.

We both left the train at Stratford and exchanged a few words.  I did at least compliment her on her style, before we went off in different directions.

Why is it, I can’t find myself a girlfriend like that?

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Tidying Up Dalston Kingsland Station

They would appear to be getting to grips with the vegetation at Dalston Kingsland station.

As the Dalston Eastern Curve Garden is under threat from the expansion of the shopping centre, why don’t they ask that team to improve the station?
One surprising thing, is that you rarely see a vandalised garden in Hackney.  This doesn’t fit the stereotype.

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How Did They Get The Graffiti Up There?

I took this picture at Dalston Kingsland station.

How Did They Get The Graffiti Up There?

How Did They Get The Graffiti Up There?

Obviously, they couldn’t have used a ladder, so it must somehow have been painted from the top.

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