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Do They Paint Their Own Toilets Like This?

I took these pictures in the toilet of a Thameslink train.

It is vandalism, pure and simple and those that did this should spend a long time in a suitable prison!

But then I hate graffiti and others might consider it art!



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Between Camden Road And Camden Town Stations Along The Canal

This walk is preferable to walking along the busy Camden Road with its heavy traffic and narrow pavements.


  1. The entrance is at the side of a Costa Coffee on the Camden Road.
  2. The canal seems to have more than its share of green algae.
  3. Hawley School in Buck Street will be the site of the new entrance to Camden Town station.
  4. Kentish Town Road could do with some decent buildings.
  5. It is not an area, that is short on graffiti.
  6. But is short on signage compared to some parts of the Regent’s Canal.
  7. It took me seven minutes walking along the canal and another seven minutes on Kentish Town Road. But I wasn’t walking fast.

The route is also an easy way to get to Camden Lock from Camden Road station, which avoids the chaos at Camden Town station.

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Graffiti Vandals Paralyse Island Line Service

The title of this post, is the same as that of this article on Railnews.

This is the first paragraph.

The Island Line timetable was suspended on Monday morning, after the only serviceable train on the route was sprayed with graffiti. Passengers were being diverted to buses until the graffiti could be removed.

I can’t understand the motives of people who spray graffiti and I hope that the culprits are found and given time in one of the Isle of Wight’s prisons.

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West Anglia Route Improvement – A Look At Lea Bridge Station

Lea Bridge station opened in May 2016, so as I was investigating the new STAR service, which will call at the station, I took some pictures.

These are my thoughts on the station and its design.

No-Frills Station

In some ways the station could be considered a no-frills station, with two simple platforms on either side of double-track line with a bridge at one end.

There is none of the following.

  • Car parking.
  • Station buildings.
  • Staff
  • Anything to stop people walking in.

But there is the following.

  • Secure bicycle parking and clearly marked bicycle routes.
  • Several bus routes stopping outside.
  • A step-free bridge.
  • Shelter from the worst of the weather.
  • Enough driver screens for Driver Only Operation to satisfy reasonable union officials.
  • Lots of CCTV cameras.
  • Clear sound system for announcements.

In some ways the station is unusual for one in an inner city area of London.

You can imagine a station like this in a rural county like Suffolk or Wiltshire, perhaps with a bit more shelter.

No Graffiti

I use this station fairly regularly and I’ve never seen any graffiti.

Could the lack of graffiti be bacause.

There are lots of CCTV cameras.

Despite not many trains, there always seems to be passengers around.

Anmy graffiti os quickly cleaned away.

Stephen Bayley has said that good design discourages graffiti.

Whatever the reason is, it seems to work.

The Curious Secure Walkway

When I saw it, I wondered why there was a secure walkway inside security fencing at the station.

I think it must be so that workers can get from the portable offices a couple of hundred metres South of the station to the various worksites for the STAR project, some of which are North of the station.

I wonder when STAR is complete, if the walkway will be converted into a cycle path alongside the railway.

The Cable Duct

A lot of the work at present for the STAR project seems to be moving the cables out of the way and installing a new cable duct.

The pictures show the new cable duct coming from the Tottenham Hale direction along the East side of the railway.

At the North end of the platforms, the duct disappears and looks like it heads under the railway to continue on the other side.

Could this be a deterrent for cable thieves, who now would have to dig up the railway to find them?

The Possible Platform 0

To the Eastern side of the station behind Platform 1, a space would appear to have been left for a possible bay platform.

I have not seen any plans that might need another platform at Lea Bridge station, but if it was absolutely necessary to create one, it wouldn’t be too difficult.

Network Rail score high for future p[roofing here, but it would be good, if it was now standard practice, when a new station is built.






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How Did They Get The Graffiti Up There?

I took this picture at Dalston Kingsland station.

How Did They Get The Graffiti Up There?

How Did They Get The Graffiti Up There?

Obviously, they couldn’t have used a ladder, so it must somehow have been painted from the top.

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Graffiti On The London Overground

The trains in the United Kingdom, don’t often seem to get the awfully boring paint jobs, that you see in many other countries, so I was surprised this morning to this train at Highbury and Islington station.

Graffiti On The London Overground

i hope this isn’t an advance warning of more to come.

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