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A New Take On Dumbbells

I bought these dumbbells in John Lewis, as my fitness trainer, said I needed some heavier ones.

A New Take On Dumbbells

A New Take On Dumbbells

There was only one problem and that was bringing two 4 kilo dummbells home in two flimsy plastic carriers.

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Are These The Perfect Gluten-Free Dunking Biscuit?

Marks and Spencer have recently launched some gluten-free ginger snaps.

I don’t think I’ve found a better dunking biscuit.

I wonder if they’d pass C’s test of breaking them into pieces on her left elbow, with her right hand?

On the other hand, she wouldn’t approve of the picture on the right!

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And Now We’ve Got A Blue Bus!

Adidas really know how to annoy Londoners, as they’ve now given us this disgusting blue bus.

And Now We've Got A Blue Bus!

And Now We’ve Got A Blue Bus!

The colour annoyed me so much, that I’ve decided to create the tag, Crap Marketing, in its honour.

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Why I Didn’t Buy An Ice Cream

The ice cream outside this restaurant on Piccadilly looked good and it probably was.

Why I Didn't Buy An Ice Cream

Why I Didn’t Buy An Ice Cream

But on enquiring, they had pots to serve it without the cone.

In Italy, where this type of ice cream selling is common, they’ve never not had some pot for the gluten-free!


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A Design Crime – Why I Didn’t Buy Another Pair Of DAKs Trousers

For the last twenty-five years, I’ve had a pair of DAKs cord trousers for when I need to be smart. Last year, I bought a replacement pair and they were fine.

The original pair were still comfortable and warm and I wore them on my holiday in Iceland. I unfortunately ripped them on something, so there was only one place for them – the bin!

So I thought I’d buy another pair and went to their shop.

But what a disappointment!

They’ve been designered and now there are three buttons to do the trousers up. With my gammy hand that is a no-no! Or imagine getting taken short and wanting to disrobe quickly.

It’s almost as bad as the dreaded button-fly!

I went elsewhere!


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A Road Death Database

The BBC has put together a database of all road deaths in the UK from 1999 to 2010.

I have looked at some areas and you can draw some interesting conclusions.

If I look at a typical London Borough like Hackney, the number of deaths is generally between 70 and 90. But some rural areas, despite less population have figures well over a hundred.

And then there’s the Oxford and Cambridge effect.  Oxford has 34 deaths and Cambridge has just 16. Both these cities have extensive Park and Ride networks, good bus services and bikes are used quite a bit. But then Ipswich and Norwich also have low figures, but Colchester, Milton Keynes and Peterborough are higher.

So does a decent public transport network cut road deaths, as the drunks and the bad drivers are on the buses rather than in their cars?

If you look at the big northern cities like Liverpool, Leeds, Manchester and Newcastle, the figures would appear to be similar, but Newcastle is a lot less. Why?

Only by a serious analysis can we tell what is the reason!

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