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Manchester United 3 – Ipswich 0

These pictures document the match.

It was all very disappointing, but then Mick has his priorities of getting out of the Championship.

Old Trafford is not the sort of stadium, I thought it would be. It had a rather tired air and compared to the Emirates or the Amex at Brighton, it was very second-rate.

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New Zealand v Namibia At The Olympic Stadium

These pictures document my visit.

Compare the Olympic Stadium with Old Trafford of the previous night.

The final sporting effect of this stadium will be to propel West Ham up the League, as this is a stadium that would fill, if it was staging Leyton Orient against Accrington. Apologies to both teams and their fans, but spectators would go for the experience!

One of the stadium’s best features is getting to and from the venue.

Going, I went early and easily met my friend in Eastfield, which was uncrowded ninety minutes before the match.

My friend had taken one train from Suffolk ans we bought some snacks in Marks & Spencer. How many stadia are served by long-distance trains?

Coming back, I walked out the back of the stadium and took the DLR from Pudding Mill Lane station. I could even have walked the other way to cross the site on the Greenway to get a 30 bus direct to my door.

When Crossrail opens in 2019, the stadium and the Olympic Park will be at one of the best transport interchanges in the UK.

The Olympic stadium, its setting in an enormous park and its transport links, is in a totally different class.

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Manchester Has Ways Of Dealing With Cyclists

I took these pictures in Manchester City Centre.

These trucks with no sideguards wouldn’t be allowed in London. Why does Manchester allow them?

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Manchester’s Metroshuttle

Manchester has a network of three free Metroshuttle buses that you can use in the City Centre.

My big complaint about the system is the limited hours. Surely, in a busy City Centre a bus service like this should go on later than 19:00.

I also feel that the stops away from Piccadilly station could be better designed with more information and local maps.

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I Rode A Dream

On my way to Manchester for Ipswich Town’s match at United.

I Rode A Dream

I Rode A Dream

What will be will be!

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‘Three Strikers And You’re Out!’

This was the banner headline on the Standard and it describes how just three workers have brought a strike on the Waterloo and City Line.

This is going to be a big story!

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Does Your Energy Company Say Sorry When Its Web Site Gets Its Knickers In A Twist?

Mine does!

Ovo Says Sorry

Ovo Says Sorry

I got this, when I clicked a link to view my statement!

I suppose it’s better than leaving me lost in cyberspace!

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