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Taking A Train Between Abbey Wood And Ilford Stations On The Lizzie Line

The Elizabeth Line will open up a large number of new routes for Londoners, those who visit and those who live close to the tentacles of the new line.

One of these routes is between South East London and East London or South Essex.

You could take two trains in and out of central London, with the Underground in between, but the easiest way is to drive.

But then the Dartford Crossing hasn’t the needed capacity.

But the Elizabeth Line, which opened today, gives you an alternative with a simple cross-platform change at Whitechapel or Liverpool Street stations.

I took a trip today between Abbey Wood and Ilford stations, changing at Whitechapel to assess the feasibility of a route like this as a daily commute, taking these pictures along the route,


Between Abbey Wood And Ilford stations took 39 minutes.

Google says a car will take 45 minutes.

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The Hour Change Has Completely Knocked Me Out

Last Saturday, the 29th of October, the clocks went back and I’ve not had a totally good week.

On Tuesday, I couldn’t get dressed, as my gammy left arm and hand didn’t work.

  • I also felt a bit unsteady, as if I’d had a couple of whiskies. But then, I never drink anything more alcoholic, than 0.0% real ale.
  • As there was no-one else, I dialled 999.
  • An ambulance came and took me to the Royal London Hospital, where nothing was found.
  • But as my body  responded to the hospital’s superb air-conditioning, I was allowed to go home.
  • T think the hospital thought I took a taxi, but in reality I took the Overground to Dalston Junction station.

They had suggested, that I should take my planned trip to Doncaster. Which I did!

  • I took a Hitachi Class 800 train to the North.
  • And I took an InterCity225 train home.

Both have air-conditioning that only affects me positively, unlike Class 390 trains, which have put me in hospital before.

On Thursday, I wrote up my trip, or at least the ticketing in An Affordable Trip To Doncaster.

On Friday, I fell asleep on the floor and missed a friend bringing round my washing.

On Saturday, I woke late, went out for lunch and then watched the television.

In the evening, I was tired so went to bed at nine, which is unusual for me.

I got up at nine and did my trip on the Elizabeth Line, which I wrote about in Taking A Train Between Abbey Wood And Ilford Stations On The Lizzie Line.

As a Control Engineer, I tend to believe that the loss of the hour a week ago, has been the cause of my erratic sleeping.

I’ve also got a strange skin that I wrote about in My Strange Skin.

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