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New Merseyrail Train Runs 135km On Battery

The title of this post, is the same as that of this article on Liverpool Business News.

This paragraph gives the details.

Posting on social media site Linked In, Joaquim Font Canyelles, project leader at Stadler Rail, said: “Our new Merseytravel class 777 IPEMU (Independent Powered Electrical Multiple Unit) proved its strength after running 135 km fully loaded and without external current supply, which is much longer than we expected.

Note that 135 km is 83.9 miles.

These are possible routes, where the battery-electric trains could be deployed.

  • Bidston and Wrexham Central – 27.5 miles
  • Canada Dock Branch – 4.6 miles
  • Chester and Crewe – 21.2 miles
  • Chester and Runcorn East – 13 miles
  • Ellesmere Port and Runcorn East – 10.8 miles
  • Ormskirk and Preston – 15.3 miles
  • Hunts Cross and Manchester Oxford Road – 27.1 miles
  • Kirkby and Manchester Victoria – 30 miles
  • Kirkby and Wigan Wallgate – 12 miles
  • Liverpool Lime Street and Chester via Runcorn  – 27 miles
  • Liverpool Lime Street and Manchester Oxford Road – 31.5 miles
  • Southport and Manchester Oxford Road – 37.8 miles
  • Southport and Stalybridge – 45.5 miles
  • Southport and Wigan Wallgate – 17.4 miles


  1. All routes could be done both ways with the exception of Southport and Stalybridge and possibly Southport and Manchester Oxford Road.
  2. Southport trains to Wigan and Manchester would charge their batteries at Southport.
  3. Central Liverpool and Wrexham Central would not need the change at Bidston.
  4. Hunts Cross and Preston via Central Liverpool would not need the change at Ormskirk.
  5. A Liverpool Lime Street and Manchester Oxford Road service would be possible.

Batteries can add a lot of range to a city’s railway system.


If Merseyrail can get hold of the routes to Crewe, Manchester, Preston and Wrexham, the Liverpool City Region will have one of the best metros for a city of its size.





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European Company To Make All Wind Turbine Blades 100 % Recyclable, Plans To Build Six Recycling Factories

The title of this post, is the same as that, of this article on

This sub-heading outlines what the company plans to do.

A Denmark-based company Continuum plans to make all wind turbine blades fully recyclable and stop landfilling and their emissions-intensive processing into cement with six industrial-scale recycling factories across Europe, backed by investment from the Danish venture capital firm Climentum Capital and a grant from the UK’s Offshore Wind Growth Partnership (OWGP).

Other points in the article include.

  • Continuum plan six factories.
  • The first factory will open at Esbjerg in Denmark in 2024 and will be able to accept end-of-life blades this year.
  • The second factory will be in the UK and it will be followed by others in France, Germany, Spain, and Turkey.
  • Each factory will have the capacity to recycle a minimum of 36,000 tonnes of end-of-life turbine blades per year.

This paragraph describes, what will happen to the recycled turbine blades.

The company will recycle wind turbine blades into composite panels for the construction industry and the manufacture of day-to-day products such as facades, industrial doors, and kitchen countertops.

Looking at their description of their mechanical separation process, I suspect that they could recycle other products and manufacture lots of others.

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Bus Information In Shops And Cafes

Several years ago, I wrote to Transport for London and suggested that the 5- digit code that you text to get bus information, be displayed inside the bus shelter. So you could read it whilst staying in the dry in bad weather.

There is now a space for the code on the instructions inside the shelter, but it is never filled in.

This morning, I had breakfast in Leon and afterwards I did some food shopping in Marks & Spencer, before walking back to Leon to get the bus home from outside.

It was cold in London this morning, so as I had a few minutes to wait for a bus, I ducked back into the Leon, as it was warmer in there.

I know the 5-digit code, that I should use, so I only emerged, when the bus was close.

Perhaps Transport for London, should provide small information posters that can be downloaded, printed and displayed by cafes, shops and other businesses close to a bus stop.

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