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Balloons On The Line Blamed For £1m Worth Of Train Delays

The title of this post, is the same as this article in The Times

This is the first two paragraphs.

Families have been told to stop bringing helium-filled balloons into railway stations after they were blamed for delays that cost the network £1 million a year.

In the latest version of “leaves on the line”, Network Rail said there were 619 “balloon-related incidents” across Britain in the past 12 months.

Liverstock farmers don’t like them either, as they fall into fields and get eaten.

I don’t like banning things, but surely some regulation and sensible rules are needed.


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Inflated Balloons Are Allowed On Birmingham Buses

Unlike in Liverpool, inflated balloons are obviously allowed on Birmingham buses, as no-one objected to this group of people doing so.

Inflated Balloons Are Allowed On Birmingham Buses

Inflated Balloons Are Allowed On Birmingham Buses

Why should Liverpool have a ban, when no-one else seems to?

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And The Balloon Came Too!

It would appear that balloons are allowed on the Emirates Air Line.

In some ways, I always follow instances of balloons on public transport, as at Liverpool University in the 1960s, they were banned on the buses in the city.

I wonder if they still are!

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Rescued By Eurostar

I hadn’t got a ticket for Eurostar, as let’s face it, what good would it have done me, as I didn’t turn up in Brussels at a date and a time, remotely near anything I could have expected.

So when my number was called after a wait of a few minutes, I approached the ticket counter with more than a little apprehension. After my luck, I fully expected to be told that as it was a Friday and the start of the school holidays, that no seats were available until Tuesday at the earliest.

But the pleasant lady smiled broadly, like air hostesses do in adverts, except that she meant it, and said she could get me on a train in an hour for €190. Expensive, but then it was a last-minute walk-up and what else could I do, as I can’t swim? I then asked how much Premium Economy was and she said €204.  So I paid the extra fourteen euros and within an hour I was on my way back to Blighty. Incidentally booking now for next Friday, I’d save somewhere around £80.

On the train, I got a fulsome apology for not being served a gluten-free meal, but I knew that to get one, you have to book in advance. But at least the food was infinitely better than the rubbish you get on German trains, where gluten is compulsory in all snacks.

The train had a very unusual passenger.

A Very Unusual Passenger

A Very Unusual Passenger

The balloon was tied to a child’s buggy.  It did give one of the stewards a bit of a fright, as he came through the door.

I was of course, on time in London. But let’s face it, Eurostar have one great advantage.  With the exception of the Channel Tunnel and various junctions, it is a virtually straight line largely under their control. So could we expect that HS2 will be a more reliable railway than the West Coast Main Line? I think the answer will be yes!

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Is It Legal To Take Inflated Balloons On A London Bus?

I took this picture today by London Bridge.

Balloons On a London Bus

It clearly shows that some of the passengers have inflated balloons.

Is this legal?

I ask the question, as when C and I were students at Liverpool University in the 1960s, the buses there displayed a notice that clearly stated that the carrying of inflated balloons was not allowed.

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