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Serial Cooking – Goat’s Cheese, Strawberry And Basil Salad

I found this unusual salad in a book called The Salad Bowl by Nicola Graimes.

Don’t go easy on the pepper!

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Where Has Waitrose’s Grated Parmesan Gone?

I do a lot of recipes which use a breadcrumb and parmesan crust like this salmon based on a Mary Berry idea.

Mary Bery's Salmon

Mary Bery’s Salmon

It is quick and delicious and only needs some cream cheese, a lemon and the salmon to be purchased.

Usually, I keep the parmesan sealed in its container in the fridge.

The Last Of My Waitrose Parmesan

The Last Of My Waitrose Parmesan

I only ever use a little, so one pack lasts a month or so.

Recently, Waitrose have stopped selling the parmesan and the only alternative was some in a round packet.

I’ll never buy that again, as within a few days of opening, it had gone mouldy.

I want the original parmesan back.

It is wasteful and grossly immoral to buy food, only to throw most of it straight in the bin.


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And Now The McCamembert!

This product (?) is being launched in McDonalds in France and the row is reported here in The Australian, although I first saw the story in The Times.

It’s certainly one, I won’t be buying as camembert is not one of the cheeses I like. But I haven’t been into a McDonalds except for a Coke or some fries for about fifteen years.

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Goats Cheese Closes Tunnel

This story from Norway, could almost be read as a classic spoof, like London bus found on the Moon from the Daily Sport. This is the first three paragraphs.

A road tunnel in Norway has been closed – by a lorry-load of burning cheese.

About 27 tonnes of caramelised brown goat cheese – a delicacy known as Brunost – caught light as it was being driven through the Brattli Tunnel at Tysfjord, northern Norway, last week.

The fire raged for five days and smouldering toxic gases were slowing the recovery operation, officials said.

I wonder if Waitrose stocks this cheese? Brunost sounds so dangerous, that it could be used as a substitute for Semtex.

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What Food Lover Would Smuggle American Cheese?

I like cheese and especially a nice good blue one, but why anybody would want to smuggle American cheese, I really don’t know? I suppose it could be a taste crime, like the sort of clothes beloved of golfers.

One question the article provokes in my  mind, is does North America have designer cheese-makers? After all why not, as we had none thirty years ago and now they are everywhere.

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