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The Car Can Wait, I’ve Got Something Better To Do

According to news reports, like this one in the Standard, shares of Haynes popular car manuals have slumped.

And supposedly it’s all because of Fifty Shades of Grey!

So are men reading the book, attempting to write better ones or doing important research in the garage?

Or have women found better ways of distracting men, from adjusting their big-ends?

The truth will come out when a student publishes their doctorate on the effect of the book! It will probably a lot more interesting than the novel.

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Corsets On The Underground

I saw this advert a couple of times on the London Underground today.

Corsets On The Underground

Incidentally, I’ve never read the original book or seen any of the various films. You have to ask how Eve Sinclair collaborated with Charlotte Bronte.

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The Future’s Bright, The Future’s Orange

The London Overground is starting to show its true colours and design philosophy.  I took these pictures at Camden Road station today.

In some way the designs differ to those at Crystal Palace station, but then that station is a Grade 2 Listed building and bright orange would not have been an authentic choice.

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The Rail Bridge At Primrose Hill

These pictures show the rail bridge at Primrose Hill.

It is now pedestrianised, but it wasn’t in 1970, when I used to walk across it twice to get to and from work.

There may well be development here, as some plans would mean adding the former Primrose Hill station, which used to be under this bridge, to a rerouted North London line. Wikipedia says this.

It has been proposed to re-open Primrose Hill station by bringing the short stretch of line between South Hampstead and Camden Road stations back into the regular passenger service by incorporating it into the London Overground network.

From this passenger’s point-of-view, it would be a good thing, but it is only part of a bigger plan, that might be needed to get the freight through London.

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What Food Lover Would Smuggle American Cheese?

I like cheese and especially a nice good blue one, but why anybody would want to smuggle American cheese, I really don’t know? I suppose it could be a taste crime, like the sort of clothes beloved of golfers.

One question the article provokes in my  mind, is does North America have designer cheese-makers? After all why not, as we had none thirty years ago and now they are everywhere.

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Don’t Americans Know Guns Kill People?

This tragic case from the BBC web site, shows why I think those who own guns need either very intensive training or to be certified.

I remember once reading the US gun crime statistics and many of those killed were children and young people, shot by a friend or family member by accident.

I think even if a high-ranking politician was shot dead in a genuine accident, it wouldn’t cure Americans addiction to guns.

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Taking The Cure In Barnsley

I’m going north tomorrow to see Ipswich play at Barnsley.  I don’t hold out much hope for the football, but then I’m not going for that.  I’m hoping to repeat what happened in February 2011, when I went there and came back refreshed with all that air on the moors. If you don’t know Oakwell, it’s high on the moors behind the railway station and I suspect it can get a bit breezy.

I bought my train ticket last night and it cost me just £40.95 to go First Class to Barnsley from St. Pancras and I think because I’m a season ticket holder at Portman Road, the ticket is costing just £11.00.

Sounds like value to me!

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Car Insurance To Be Investigated

Does it bother me? Of course not! It wouldn’t have bothered me, if I had a car, as I didn’t ever make due to my own driving. It’s all here on the BBC.

But then the real problem about car insurance, is all the small time racketeers like accident claims solicitors, car repairers and other crooks, who ambulance chase any accident or incident.

It should be made a criminal offence to pay commission to any of these leeches.

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Andy Murray’s Balls

They’ve just announced that the tennis balls Andy Murray used at the Olympics will be auctioned along with lots more Olympic memorabilia. The Sun has the story here, together with a beach volleyball picture. The reason for the picture is that a rake used in the women’s final sold for £261.

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