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Coping With The Bus Strike

Arriva buses are on strike today, so the 38s aren’t running.

It’s not causing too much trouble for me, although I suspect it did for some in the rush hours.

It just shows the value of London’s system of route tendering, which means that several bus companies run groups of routes.  So when like today, one bus company is on strike, you can cope.

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BT Will Setup BT Sport On The Olympic Park

There was good news today for Hackney, when BT said that they will run their BT Sport operation from the Broadcast Centre on the Olympic Park. It’s all here on the BBC.

As BSkyB is also London-based, does it not look to have been a bad decision to move BBC Sport to Manchester?

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The Leveson Enquiry

What a waste of time and money!  If the law is broken, throw the book at them.

Anyway regulating the newspapers is a waste of time, as everything can be posted on the Internet without checking. And it will be!

Newspapers will just be used to wrap fish and chips.

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I’ve Now Got A New Ceiling

My hall had terrible lighting, so I decided to put a false one in to hold some decent lights and be able to take out Jerry’s awful wall lights.

You can see the lights in one of the pictures.

All it needs now is to be plastered and have the lights fitted.

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WordPress Changes Picture Upload Again

Why do they keep fiddling with it? Especially, as I preferred the original one, where I could size my pictures directly to 450 x 337 pixels.

Now I have to edit the HTML

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Lovely Liver

Lovely Liver

For supper last night, I cooked some liver which I had bought from Marks & Spencer.

It was in lots of slices and I just fried it in olive oil, serving it with a fried onion and some potatoes and sprouts.

It was rather nice considering my limited cooking skills.

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The View Tube Reopens On Saturday

This is good news and now I’ll be able to take a walk along the Greenway and have a coffee.

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More New Universities

We’ve just had a whole new set of universities created, as the BBC reports here.

I would have thought we had enough. On the other hand Cornwall gets its first university and other colleges like the Royal Agricultural College are upgraded.

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It’s Parky, But The Radiant Heater Is On!

It’s very cold, but the sun is out and although, I’ve no heating upstairs in the house, where I live most of the time, it’s warming up with the sun.

The origin of parky is a bit obscure.  Some say it’s northern, but then my parents in North London used it.

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A Day Without Violent Crime

New York is celebrating Monday, which was a day without violent crime. It’s reported here on the BBC.

I’m reminded of an episode in the Peter Seller’s film called The Wrong Arm of the Law. London is suffering a crime wave from an Australian gang, who impersonate police officers to do major crimes.  So London’s two criminal masterminds, played by Sellers and Bernard Cribbins, decide to have a crime-free day to trap the Australian gang.

I hadn’t realised but this comedy was written in part by Galton and Simpson.

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