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Fibreglass Giraffes Help Stop Elephants Rampaging Across Delicate Tea Crops

The title of this post is the same as that of this article in The Times.

Tea plantations in Assam have an elephant problem and this weird solution seems to work.

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A Wildlife Problem That Network Rail Don’t Have

Network Rail might get trouble with newts and bats, when they try to build a station, but at least they don’t get this problem that happened in India.

How do you make elephant-proof level crossings?

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Elephants Salute The Torch

Surely there’s never been anything like this. As the BBC says, “Flag-waving Elephants Join Olympic Torch Relay”

For those who want to know these things, the train is being hauled by a Great Western Railway, Manor Class engine, number 7812 and named Erlestoke Manor. The Severn Valley Railway has three working Manor Class engines.

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Addo Elephant Park

The BBC bus is now at Addo, just north of Port Elizabeth. C and I went there when we went to South Africa. It was a highlight. They are showing more of Addo later.  Watch it!

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