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The Problem With Britain’s And Probably Other Older Railways

This post on IanVisits is entitled West Hampstead Overground Station’s New Footbridge.

Ian had intended to report on the finish of a station rebuilding project at West Hampstead station.

But like many other projects it is running several months late.

Ian says this.

It’s reported that the delay stems from an unexpected massive slab of concrete that was added to the bridge that runs over the railway tracks, and supports the old station entrance.

Plans to pull the old building back and release more space on the pavement may now need to be revised as that would require the pavement to be reinforced to the same level as the road, in case a heavy lorry were to swerve onto the pavement by accident.

The old Edwardian era station building was due to be turned into a “retail opportunity”, although that may now be in doubt if the pavement issue proves intractable.

How many of us have renovated old buildings to find that what is actually there, has little relation to what the surveyors/architects believed was there?

Years ago, I was rebuilding a Listed house and the Listed Building Inspector from English Heritage was very practical. When she asked the Council Planner, if he thought that the house should be like it was built in the 1840s, he said yes!

To which she replied, “So you think there should be outside toilets?”

Everybody except one laughed!

A couple of months later, she came back to see the work and told me of a very rich man, who was rebuilding a Grade II Listed Building, that was several times over budget. Her advice at the time had been knock it down or move, as she felt preservation was impossible. But the neighbours and the wider area, felt that the building should be saved.

I suspect that, if Transport for London had known what they know now, they would have demolished the inadequate station. I don’t think the station is Listed!


We have a preserve all buildings regardless of the cost attitude in this country and it exists in other countries as well.

Look at my post Stuttgart Hauptbahnhof, which outlines the problems there.

Imagine Crossrail with lots of tunnel construction problems and angry protestors!

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Visiting Dover Castle By Train

Dover Castle is on the featured list on the English Heritage web site. They say it is 1.2 miles from Dover Priory station, but is it an easy, stiff or hard walk?

This Google Earth image shows the location of the station and the castle.

Dover Station And Castle

Dover Station And Castle

The castle is obvious and the station is in the bottom-left or south-west corner.

I shall be visiting soon. After all it does give me an excuse to have a ride in one of the excellent Class 395 trains.

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Visiting Kenilworth Castle By Train

The BBC is doing an outside broadcast today from Kenilworth Castle.

It seemed somewhere that I might like to visit, but as I don’t drive it is a bit of a problem.

However, Kenilworth station is in the process of being rebuilt. The castle and the location of the station are both on this Google Earth image.

Kenilworth Station And Castle

Kenilworth Station And Castle

The castle is obvious and the station is at the bottom-right or south-east corner. I estimate that the distance will be about a well-signposted mile, when the station opens.

If Kenilworth Castle get their strategy right, they could see an increase in visitors.

I for one, will be going when hopefully Kenilworth station opens in 2016.

How many other stately homes and heritage sites have their rail and bus transport links up to scratch?

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