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It’s All Double Dutch to Me

Some things in International football are always the same.  For a start England always lose penalty shoot-outs and various Latin teams are good at faking injuries and being badly tackled.

Another was that The Netherlands always played in orange.

But not tonight!

As Portugal are playing in red and Holland in black with orange trim, from the other side of my room, I thought Portugal had scored first. But it was The Netherlands!

Rinaldo also seems to be trying to get the award for the most over-rated player at the Championship.

Unfortunately for the Dutch, he got very much better!

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Waitrose Comes to Highbury Corner

It’s not open yet, but a new little Waitrose is slated to open on July 24th at Highbury Corner.

I took this picture today and it shows they have a lot of work to do before the 24th of July.

The Site for the New little Waitrose at Highbury Corner

That means I won’t have so far to go as it’s just four stops on a 277 or 30 bus. Especially on days like yesterday, when I went all the way to the Angel for just six items. The stop to return home incidentally is just outside.

It’ll be interesting where they go next, as they have the large branches at Jones Brothers on the Holloway Road and Eastfield at Stratford.

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A1950s Sunday Tea Updated to Gluten-Free

For many of my age, Sunday tea was generally sandwiches and cakes washed down with a Cup of TyPhoo or other tea.

The sandwiches were often of the dreaded fish paste variety, with the paste coming from Shippam’s. For a treat my mother would often add malted fruit bread with currants and sultanas.

I can still taste it all now.

Today for tea, I had fish pate sandwiches and fruit bread.

Here’s the sandwiches, which I made from Genius brown bread, Benecol buttery spread and Waitrose mackerel pate.

Gluten-Free Fish Paste Sandwiches

I cut the crusts off to make them easier to eat. And here’s the Genius fruit bread.

Gluten-Free Fish Fruit Toast

I did toast it, as I prefer it that way.

So I can now go back to the 1950s for Sunday tea.

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Route 38 Goes Topless

Admittedly, it was only one bus, but it made a change on a nice sunny day.

Route 38, has been unusual in the last few months, in that four of the New Buses for London have been mixed amongst the normal Wright buses for extended in-service trials. So in fact today worked out a bit more of the same with the Routemasters and RTs on the route. It gives a whole new meaning to bus roulette.

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Route 38 Goes Retro

To celebrate the hundreth anniversary of route 38, Arriva have been running some old buses on the route today. three Routemasters, an RTL, an RTW and a K type are taking part according to this press release from Arriva. All except the elderly K-Type will be accepting passengers. I managed to get some pictures this morning.

I’m not sure whether the RTL was the RTL and not the RTW. It certainly wasn’t the RT which was also rumoured to be taking part. I remember the RTL particularly well, as they worked the 298 from Oakwood to Southgate, when I was going to school at Minchenden.

The RT and its various sub-types can be considered to be London’s first modern bus and the Routemaster was the ultimate example of the front-engined rear-wheel drive bus. The Routemaster was built with an integral aluminium body and two sub-frames to hold the engine and the axles.  It was 0.75 tonne lighter than the RT, despite carrying eight more passengers. No wonder it became a design classic, as the construction of some modern buses, is not as efficient as the sixty year old Routemaster.

Some Routemasters still operate on Heritage routes 9 and 15. Bookmakers don’t take bets on when they will, if ever, be retired.

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An Ironic Poster

The pub a few doors from me is showing all of the Euro-2012 matches.

An Ironic Poster

Some wag wrote this on one side of their advertising board.

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The Italians Are Coming

According to a report in The Sunday Times, Knight Frank have said that the largest group of emigrants to the UK are rich Italians. I suppose they have to be rich to afford the houses Knight Frank sells.

I hope they bring their money with them and invest it in the City.

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Swedish Cheats Didn’t Prosper

It is being revealed in various newspapers this morning, that before they played England, the Swedes knew some of the England plans. It’s here in the Mail.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I thought England won in the end.

It all goes to prove that Swedish cheats didn’t prosper. Perhaps the adage doesn’t exist in Swedish.

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The Fake Sheikh Strikes Again

With the demise of the News of the World, the fake sheikh, Mazher Mahmood,  seems to have struck again for its sister paper The Sunday Times. It’s reported here on the BBC.

The Sunday Times alleges, during a two-month investigation in which reporters posed as Middle Eastern ticket touts, it found corruption involving people representing 54 separate countries.

Note the Middle Eastern ticket touts!

Obviously, these tickets weren’t distributed correctly, but then that had nothing to do with the London organisers. Yet again, Olympic rules are framed to feather the nests of members of the Olympic family.

I haven’t received my Sunday Times yet, but it will be explosive reading. They do name some of the countries on their web site and the list contains the usual suspects. The BBC reports that the Greeks actually asked for more tickets, because they had siold so many.   This is from the BBC report.

Accusations include an allegation a member of the Greek Olympics Committee said he had “persuaded” Lord Coe, chairman of the London organising committee, Locog, to give Greece more tickets on the pretext demand had outstripped supply.

So did the Germans fund all of these Greeks to come to London?

I hope LOCOG trace the tickets that went to these countries and withdraw them, so that suckers will pay thousands of pounds for a worthless piece of card.  There’s a fat chance of that.

After all the BBC has already exposed someone from Ukraine in this report.

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