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How To Go Mining In A Museum

This article on Active Investors is entitled Government Backing Lined Up For Cornish Lithium As It Partners With Wardell Armstrong And The Natural History Museum To Advance UK Battery Capabilities.

These are the first few paragraphs.

Cornish Lithium is now moving in some pretty august circles in its quest to put the UK on the lithium map.

Lithium is essential in the manufacture of batteries for electric vehicles.

“It’s been a huge voyage of discovery,” says Jeremy Wrathall.

“An absolutely amazing journey.”

In the past year the company he created, Cornish Lithium, has been transforming rapidly from a concept conjured up from the pages of old documents hidden in half-forgotten library vaults into a well-funded exploration vehicle with 10 geologists and some serious-minded partners providing additional funding and know-how.

The article goes on to give the full story of lithium in Cornwall and how by looking at old documents in the museum’s archives, Jeremy Wrathall may have found where to mine for the valuable mineral.

Now his company; Cornish Lithium, who are partnered with Wardell Armstrong, who describe themselves on their web site as.

An Engineering, Environmental and Mining consultancy with over 180 years of international service and experience.

And the Natural History Museum, who need no introduction.

They have been backed by £500,000 from the Government’s Faraday Battery Challenge fund.

It is a must-read tale, that I hope, very much has a successful conclusion.

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To the Geological Society of London for a Lecture

When I went to the exhibition on Soviet Architecture, I saw this lecture being advertised on a poster outside the Geological Society of London. So I applied for tickets and yestersay I was able to see James Jackson of Cambridge University, lecture on Earthquakes and Tsunamis in the Modern World. It was fascinating and I learned a lot. I think a video of the lecture will be uploaded at some time.

Years ago, as a sixteen-year-old schoolboy, I went to see Patrick Moore give a lecture on whether there was a link between earthquakes and the moon, next door at the British Astronomical Association.

We do go round in circles.

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