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Hydrogen Truck Can Make Garbage Day A Much Quieter Event

The title of this post in the same as that of this article on Hydrogen Fuel News.

This is the first paragraph.

Hyzon Motors has announced that it will be rolling out a 27-ton Australian-made hydrogen truck to be used for vehicle towing as well as potentially for garbage collection this year.

Less noise, less pollution\2 What more can you want?

In London, we something rather important, a hydrogen policy, rather than a Mayor, who hopes the problem will fade away.

The writer of this article finds it interesting, that Hyson, who are an American company are making the trucks in Australia.

They say this.

Hyzon opened an Australian location three years ago in order to benefit from the substantial industry talent that became available there when Ford, Toyota and Holden closed their local operations. As the country also places a considerable focus on H2 production, it has opened several doors for moving forward with various types of hydrogen truck design.

So vehicle manufacturers beware! If you close an operation in a country, you may find competitors starting up!

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Upcycling A Truck

Whilst walking through the City of London this morning, I came across this truck.

It’s even got its own web page on the Refuse Vehicle Solutions web site.

This is the first paragraph.

Paper Round, part of BPR Group, has received its very own fully electric-conversion vehicle from Refuse Vehicle Solution (RVS) this week. The company is committed to transforming the future of resource management and the switch to electric is a major step in achieving this goal.

And this paragraph describes the conversion.

We have converted a Mercedes Econic 2630, 6×2 RS with a MOL VDK body and bin lift into a fully electric truck. It was being used by Paper Round as part of their commercial waste and recycling collection services in London. The RCV was converted from a diesel euro 5 engine to electric at RVS’s headquarters in Berkeley using the innovative EMOSS technology. With zero emissions, this new addition will contribute towards reducing Paper Round’s carbon footprint.

The performance seems impressive with a top speed of 56 mph and a range of around 250 km.

The economics of the truck indicate, that it is cheaper to go electric by converting an existing vehicle, rather than buying a new one.

Hence the title of this post.

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