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Free Device Charging On The Overground

This picture, that I took at Shoreditch High Street station, says it all.

There were a selection of leads for all the different devices.

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Does Crossrail Give London An Advantage In Doing Other Projects?

Under the Wikipedia entry for Shoreditch High Street station, it says that the station will never be connected to the Central Line until Crossrail opens.

How many other projects will be nade a lot easier, once Crossrail opens?

  • Oxford Circus station needs extra passenger capacity, especially on the Central and Victoria Lines. During the rebuilding, Crossrail will provide alternative stations within walking distance.
  • Holborn station is getting a second entrance and this would surely be made easier, if the Central Line trains weren’t stopping at the station.
  • The massive upgrade at Bank station will surely be helped, if after Crossrail opens, the Central Line trains weren’t stopping at the station.

U wonder if TfL are getting other orijects shovel-ready in places that will be eased by the opening of Xrossrail.

But it won’t ve just transport projects!

Property developers will surely take advantage.

There will also be completely new projects. Some currently busy, but very tired starions will as Crossrail settles in lose a lot of their passengers. So will we see projects to redevelop these stations? Funding will come from developers, who will build much-needed housing or offices over the sration.

One station that initially comes to mind is Barbican. It has hardly changed since C and nyself lived nearby in the early 1970s.

Bethnal Green and Mile End could be others!

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Will Shoreditch High Street Be Connected To The Central Line?

Every Londoner has their own personal pet hates about the Underground.

One of mine is the lack of an interchange between the East London Line and the Central line at Shoreditch High Street station. The Central line passes under the East London Line and some web sites say that provision was left in the new station for the connection.

This map from shows the lines around Shoreditch High Street station.

Shoreditch High Street Station

Shoreditch High Street Station

Note how the Central Line platforms at Liverpool Street are in the South West corner of the map.

Some sites also say that the reason for not building the connection, is that the Central line is too crowded and a decision will not be taken until after Crosrail opens. This is the comment on an article about the connection in London Connections.

Don’t expect an interchange with the Central Line until Crossrail 1 is fully operational. The Central Line in its present, heavily overcrowded, state could not possible cope with even more stations.

Perhaps in about 10 years…

It does sound sensible.

Getting West on the Central Line can be difficult from where I live.

I can take a bus to either Bank or St. Paul’s stations, but coming back is a problem, as the bus stops aren’t well placed.

After Crossrail opens, I might take the same bus to Moorgate for the new line or I could get to Crossrail using the East London Line connection at Whitechapel.

It shows how Crossrail is going to add masses of possible new routes to everybody’s travel in London.

Crossrail links with the Central line at Stratford with a cross-platform interchange and more conventionally at Liverpool Street, Tottenham Court Road, Bond Street and Ealing Broadway.

As the East London Line links to Crossrail at Whitechapel, will passengers going from say Anerley to Epping, be happy with a double change at Whitechapel and Stratford? Especially, as the second one would be just a walk across the platform.

I think they will.

But obviously Transport for London will have all the traffic statistics and would know when creating the Interchange at Shoreditch High Street will be worthwhile.

But looking at the map of the lines at Shoreditch High Street station, leads me to wonder if it would be possible to put in an escalator connection to the Eastern end of the Central Line platforms at Liverpool Street station. This map from shows the Central Line through both stations in detail.

Liverpool Street And Shoreditch High Street Stations

Liverpool Street And Shoreditch High Street Stations

As all of the office blocks on both sides of Bishopsgate, were planned and designed before Crossrail and the London Overground, I do wonder that if they were being designed now, they would build a travelator connection between Shoreditch High Street and Liverpool Street stations, which incorporated another set of escalators to the Central Line.

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