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Development Of The Southall Gas Works Site

I took these pictures as my train went past the former Southall Gas Works to the West of Ealing station.

This was where there used to be a gasholder with a helpful sign, showing the way to Heathrow..

You can just see the L of LHR and the arrow.

This Google Map shows the site.

It is going to be a big development.

There are some older pictures from 2016 in What A Waste Of Valuable Land.

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What A Waste Of Valuable Land

I took these pictures as the train passed the Southall Gas Works site to the west of Southall station.

As can be seen these days it is mainly used as a car park for passengers using Heathrow Airport.

That is a terrible waste of a site, that could be cleaned up and used for much-needed housing. This Google Map gives an impression of the extent of the site.

Southall Gas Works

Southall Gas Works

But things are happening and there is a web site called The Southall Gasworks, put up by the Berkeley Group, who are developing the site.

In this post entitled Could The Golden Mile In Hounslow Get A Station?, I postulated that the gas works site could be linked to Hounslow’s Golden Mile and the Thames by a tram and concluded by saying this.

I think that there are possibilities for a well-designed solution in the area to connect the Golden Mile to Southall station for Crossrail.

There are certainly possibilities to link everything together.

  • Southall station will be served by Crossrail’s high-frequency trains.
  • The Brentford Branch is an underused working railway.
  • The Southall Gas Works development needs good public transport links.
  • The Golden Mile needs rejuvenating.

I do think we’ll see lots of small-scale connectivity to Crossrail and this would be an easy one to build.


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