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Ftustrating IKEA

I need some rails and drawers for two built in wardrobes.  At present they have some useless fittings that were built by Jerry, the builder.

IKEA do some nice standard fittings, but they don’t come in a width to fit my wardrobes!  They are just five centimetres too wide! They make them to fit a range of heights, but why not widths?

It is all so frustrating as getting ones made to fit will cost a fortune and probably won’t be as nice as those from IKEA.

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Junk Through the Letter Box

Every time I get letters out of my box, there are at least four copies of leaflets there, which have been left by restaurants that don’t do gluten-free, mini-cabs that I won’t use etc.

When are these people going to learn something about marketing and target their junk? At least it’s recyclable!

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Popbitch on Libya

You can always rely on Popbitch to come up with an unusual take on the most serious of stories.  This was in today’s edition.

Convicted Lockerbie bomber Abdelbaset al-Megrahi has requested to be returned from Libya to prison in Scotland for his safety…

I wouldn’t think it’s true, but it could easily be argued that even the most violent prison in Scotland will be much safer than Libya.

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This Guy Has a Big Job On

David Spiegelhalter is the Professor of Public Understanding of Risk at the University of Cambridge. He has written a very good article on the subject of risk with respect to insurance in today’s Times.

So he has a big job on to knock sense into politicians, lawyers, insurance companies and the general public.

But it will make little difference, as we are the most statistically-untrained generation for perhaps a thousand years.

By the way his superb name is literally translated as mirror owner.

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London is Going Two-Wheeled

I know the weather has been a bit warmer in the last few days, but there do seem to be more and more cyclists commuting in the local area.

This area of London is fairly flat which helps and there are quite a few cycle routes weaving down the side roads, towards the city and along the Regent’s Canal.

So perhaps, many Londoners are changing their habits to avoid the fuel prices.  And of course the exhorbitant parking charges.

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Petrol and Diesel Prices

As someone who doesn’t drive at the moment and gets free travel on buses and the tube, I can’t say I’m sad that petrol and diesel prices are rising fast.

I know that I will see price increases in goods because of the increase in transport prices, but then a lot of prices are rising anyway as China and other developing countries demand a bigger share of global resources.

But having moved to London, if I look at my finances, I see a drop in gas and electricity costs, as this house is modern and fully insulated, a severe fall in transport costs and because I now have choice, my everyday food and living costs are lower too!

I know my lifestyle change has been forced on me because of the stroke, but by changing it, I have been able to make substantial savings in my cost of living.  I’m also enjoying myself much more, as there is so much more to do here in the city, rather than being trapped without transport in the countryside.

So those that complain about high petrol and diesel prices, would be better to use their energy to change their lifestyle using ways that cut that energy usage.

After all, we’re going to have to cut our CO2 emissions whether we like it or not!

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Should We Fear the Result of the Irish General Election?

Today, Eire goes to the polls to try to find a new government to ease them out of their troubles.

Will the result help or will it hinder? I’m no political commentator, but there are so many factors at work in the whole of Ireland, that it would take someone with real charisma and vision to sort out the mess he will inherit.

The Irish seem to be doing too, what they always do in times of trouble and that is emigrate. Surely, in some ways this will make matters worse, especially if jobs are exported as well, which will of course reduce tax revenues. An interesting aside to the emigration, is that an estate agent in London told me, that quite a few houses in London are being sold to the Irish.  He wondered where they were getting the money from?

Which leads me to another question. Will a new government investigate some of the murkier financial tales of the last couple of decades? An Irish friend once described Charlie Haughey, as a man without any visible means of support. In this case, I suspect that sleeping dogs are best left to sleep long and deep. But there may be other scandals, that need to be fully investigated.

And then too, there is the question of terrorism. Incidents have happened in the last few months in the north and where will this resurgence lead? In the UK, we’re so obsessed with other issues, that some commentators, feel we may have lost sight of our oldest terrorist threat.

A strong leader in Ireland would be a great help in reducing this danger, throughout the British Isles. Let’s hope they get one!

But I fear that they won’t!

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Homebase at Harringay

As a child, I think I went to an ice show at the Harringay Arena, which in the 1950s was one of the biggest indoor arenas in the country.

I actually remember the area reasonably well, as my father’s Uncle Charlie lived just off Green Lanes.  I can remember him giving me a glass of cider with a sugar lump in it, at the age of about six or seven. I can certainly remember seeing the Arena from the bus on Green Lanes and perhaps even when I started to drive in the 1960s, although the Arena had closed long before.

Now it is a retail park and yesterday I went to Homebase there.  It was a rather depressing experience, as the store was a very inferior one compared to those I’ve used in Suffolk.  Effectively, I just walked around for a bit and then got the bus home.

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I Never Use My Visa Card On-Line

I’ve just been reviewing my credit card use, as it is getting to that time in the month when they get paid.

The interesting thing is that my Visa card is now never used on-line and hasn’t been for some months, as the stupid Verified by Visa system is a complete deterent to on-line use, as I pointed out in an earlier post.

The system may mean that my bank doesn’t see any on-line fraud with credit cards, but I just wonder if some people have cut-up their Visa cards in frustration at the security system.

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