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Is My Right Hand Getting Worse?

I’ve had a couple of very small accidents with my right hand in the last couple of weeks. Nothing serious, but I did drop a can of Coke.

On the other hand, I had no trouble carrying the parcel to day to Canary Wharf. And for most of the journey I used my right hand to hold the prcel.

So is it a comparative thing in that my left hand is actually getting better? I’m certainly making fewer typing mistakes with it.

I don’t know, but the left hand isn’t so useless as it was.  As an example, I had a pork chop today and it wielded a fork with a degree of alacrity, that wasn’t there a few months ago.

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Adding Up The Years

I was watching Springwatch on BBC 2 this evening and someone said that an adder was about thirty-two years old.

I had no idea that snakes could leave that long!

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Choosing A Shampoo

I get fed up with shampoo.  For years I used the same brand and then it was rebranded for split ends, more bounce, better colour etc.  I just want something that gets my hair clean.

Today in Waitrose at Canary Wharf I couldn’t even find the one I changed to or the standard Essential Waitrose cheap one.

So I bought what I used to use, when the children were young; Johnson’s Baby Shampoo.

AT least it should be kind to my sore eyes.

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Libby Purves on Sharon Shoesmith

This is the best comment I’ve seen on the Sharon Shoesmith case.  If you can find a copy of The Times for Monday, then read it.

Basically, she’s just saying that despite everything, the buck stops with Ms. Shoesmith, as she was in charge and should have done something about the problems in her department.

The article is also mentioned in this post in a blog. Shoesmith, Blatter and Mladic are all mentioned in the same post, which must be a first.

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Germany’s Cucumber Problem

I typed “german cucumber joke” into Google and found this site.  It’s actually part of a serious German web site called Toy Town Germany, for Germans and others who live in the country who speak English.

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Barnsley to Issue On The Spot Fines for Swearing

According to this report, those caught swearing in Barnsley in June, will be fined £80 immediately.

I suppose I would have been fined this morning, when an idiot lorry driver blocked a crossing on my way to the station. At least though, he was blocking traffic too, so when I crossed on the green, it would have been impossible for any vehicle to against me cross as well.

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Another World Cup Problem for Qatar

FIFA and the Qatari government have been put on notice about labour conditions in the build up to the World Cup 2022, according to this report on Bloomberg.

The International Trade Union Confederation and Building Workers International urged FIFA and the Qatari government to prove that migrant workers won’t be subject to “inhuman” conditions as the Persian Gulf nation begins to build stadiums in anticipation of the 2022 World Cup.

Do we really want to compete in a World Cup built by exploited labour?

But then our athletes went to Beijing, where human rights are non-existent and there have been two Olympics and two World Cups in the United States, where there is the death penalty.

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Dalston Junction to Canary Wharf with an Awkward Parcel

This morning I had to take an awkward parcel, which was something I’d sold on eBay to Canary Wharf for the buyer to take away. It wasn’t that heavy, but it was 60 cm. long and 36 cm. in diameter.  I’d wrapped it in an IKEA carrier bag, and it wasn’t too difficult to carry to Dalston Junction station. The station has a lift and this took me down to the platform, where I was able to wait in a New Cross train until it left. I took the train to Canada Water, where I used the lift to get me to the Jubilee line for Canary Wharf, where another lift and an escalator got me to the level of the shopping centre, where I was to meet the buyer outside Waitrose.

After lunch in Carluccio’s and some shopping in Waitrose, I retraced my route, with a large shopping bag, that except for the two hundred metres or so, happily sat on the floor of the lift or train.

It just shows how if you have to move something large, you can often do it using the stations with lifts. At least with a bit of planning!

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He Who Pays the Piper Calls the Tune

It looks like Fifa and Sepp Blatter have broken this major rule of both life and business, in that four major sponsors are unhappy at how the organisation is run, according to this report.

How many others will join them?

As after all the rich and powerful, who run such businesses, like to give people a good kicking, just to show you don’t mess with them.

This is one Blatter and FIFA will lose, as you may be able to fool some of the people all of the time or all of the people some of the time, but you can’t fool all of the people all of the time.

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How The Turks Deal With Pollution

This horrific story is in The Times today, although I’m pointing to a green web site, so evryone can read it.

Turkey may well have nine percent economic growth, but at what cost?

So is it right,  that we increase unemployment, because of imports from Turkey?

In my view it isn’t!

C and I once had a holiday in Turkey and in some ways we weren’t impressed.  Luckily we could afford to go somewhere better.

As a coeliac, I starved in Turkey, as they just couldn’t get the idea of what gluten-free was! Despite the fact I had an excellent translation.

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