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What Happened When The Torch Relay Went Into Windsor Castle To Meet The Queen

It rained of course. And heavily too. this was taken from the BBC’s text commentary.

 Gina is then taken to meet the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh. After curtseying she says: “It’s English weather isn’t it. You can’t do anything about it.”

To which the Queen, dressed wisely in a camel overcoat, responds: “No nothing.” She then breaks into a wide smile and later enquires of the torch: “What keeps it going?”

The Duke of Edinburgh then seemed to test the weight of the torch before asking Gina, “Are you going to take it home?”

So it seems the Queen may be fed up with the weather too!

Aren’t we all?

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Mobile Phone Insurance

I like this post from Moneywise, saying that mobile phone insurance is the next scam.

I don’t have it, as it would just cost too much to insure a Nokia 6310i

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Rolls-Royce Builds Its Latest Engine With Lego

The Times shows a half-size model of the Trent 1000 engine built from 152,455 Lego bricks. There’s more here.

Some toy!

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London Receives Its 300th Hybrid Bus

This report says that London has now got three hundred hybrid buses on the streets.

It also says that there are seven New Bus for London on route 38. I’ve only seen five.

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Somebody Has to Come Into the Nursery to Make Some Rules

This was said by Lord Justice Thorpe, when he trying to sort out a divorce between a warring husband and wife.

C always despaired that divorces like this that ended up in the papers with large fees all round never came her way. I think in some ways, when they first met her, she gave it to them straight and they decided that hatchet burying was the best thing to do.

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The Queen Meets President Hollande Today

according to The Times, the Queen will meet President Hollande today for thirty minutes. They will meet without interpreters and it is expected that they will talk in French. Has there ever been a French queen, who spoke fluent English?

Later President Hollande will have a working lunch with David Cameron.

Note that Hollande’s name is always flagged up by the default spell check.

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Sir Roger Returns

This morning Sir Roger Bannister carried the Olympic flame round the same track in Oxford, where he ran the first mile in under four minutes.  There’s a report here from the Oxford Mail. He was also interviewed on BBC Breakfast. They then talked about how Bradley Wiggins demolised the field in the time trial yesterday to take a good lead in the Tour de France. Susanna Reid, one of the presenters, used a classic quote of Sir Roger’s as a link between the two stories.

The man who can drive himself further once the effort gets painful is the man who will win.

Sir Roger is 83 now and seems to be driving himself into the future as he can.

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The Sex Lives of Depraved Penguins

According to this report on the BBC, what penguins got up to, so shocked Captain Scott’s biologist on the Terra Nova polar expedition, that they censored his findings.  Here’s the first few paragraphs.

Accounts of unusual sexual activities among penguins, observed a century ago by a member of Captain Scott’s polar team, are finally being made public.

Details, including “sexual coercion”, recorded by George Murray Levick were considered so shocking that they were removed from official accounts.

However, scientists now understand the biological reasons behind the acts that Dr Levick considered “depraved”.

The Natural History Museum has published his unedited papers.

Now of course, thanks to the work of David Attenbrough and others, every ten year old, knows what penguins get up to, even if the secrets of their own conception are a mystery to them.

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