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Farewell Neil Armstrong

It’s all very sad that he’s passed away, but then we all have to go at some time.

Our eldest son was born in the Middlesex Hospital in London, as they left for the moon and was in the births column of The Times on the day they landed. I still have a copy of the paper.

The strange thing was that from the time our son was born to the time they landed on the moon, no babies were born.  But when they landed all hell broke loose and they came one after another. Everybody had more exciting things to watch, than give birth.

I remember they asked a mother, if her baby born just after the landing would be called Neil.  She said no! He’s being called Paul.

Today would also have been C’s sixty-fourth birthday. But tomorrow is also our middle son’s forty-second.

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Have I Got Raynaud’s Phenomenon?

For the last few months my left hand and foot have been permanently cold and searching for this on reputable health sites leads me to Raynaud’s Phenomenon.

It is something that is linked to various auto-immune diseases like coeliac disease.  Many sites say it is rather common and it is not the first time in my life, that I’ve suffered from cold in my left hand.  About twenty years ago, whilst under severe financial stress, I suffered from it  and went to see the doctor. It got better when the stress was removed by the sale of a company for a large amount of money.

Now, over the last few years, I have been under extreme stress and lately there has been a financial worry, as to whether my house will sell. It now has and I am now reasonably financially secure.

So let’s hope that is the end of it.

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If Scotland Votes For Independence, Where Do Orkney And Shetland Go?

Only now, with the referendum on Scottish Independence now being seen on the horizon, do people start to think about the real problems of the vote and what happens afterwards.

This article in the Guardian lays out the problems of the northern islands. This quote is given.

All the Shetland ever got from Scotland was dear meal and greedy ministers.

It may be true and I have heard something similar all over Suffolk, as people always feel that other areas of the UK get better treatment. In Suffolk’s case that usually means Norfolk.

Somehow, we must find a better way to spend taxes all over the UK.

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They’re Playing Water Polo At Wembley

The Rugby League Cup Final is being played in atrocious weather at Wembley.

They’ve also called off the Sunderland Reading football match, as the ground is waterlogged.

And it’s only August!

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An Excursion South Of The Sewer

I ventured well past the big sewer this morning, travelling underneath it on the Overground, through the Thames Tunnel to New Cross Gate station. The other side though, was far from dry.

Rain and Few Bus Shelters South of the Sewer

You can tell too, it’s South London, as the bus stops don’t generally have shelters. It also always rains, when I go there.

My destination was the cafe called With Jam and Bread.

With Jam and Bread in Lee Green

It was good and the gluten-free orange, chocolate and almond cake, I had with my coffee was excellent.

From my point of view, the cafe has another advatange.  It has its own bus stop both ways, so is easy to get to.

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The View From Tate Modern

I took the lift to the top of Tate Modern to have a coffee with a friend.

This is surely one of the best free views of the City of London. Especially, if your friend buys the coffee.

The only better view is that of the peregrine falcons nesting on the chimney.  They can be glimpsed by telescope and video screen from in front of the building. There’s more about them here.

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A New Bus for London Reflected In The Angel Building

I took this picture yesterday from a New Bus for London.

A New Bus For London Reflected In The Angel Building

The Angel Building was nominated for the Stirling Prize in 2011.

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RIP Tony Scott

I did see a couple of Tony Scott‘s films, but I wasn’t a great fan.

RIP Tony Scott

However, I’ve never seen a cinema put something like this on the front.

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The Totally Flat Floor Of A New Bus For London

As someone who travels on buses a lot, all buses should be like this on the lower deck.

The Totally Flat Floor Of A New Bus For London

The picture was taken from the back looking forward.

I think only the New Bus for London has such a flat floor.  The conductor told me, it makes things a lot easier for both himself and the passengers.

Incidentally, I had to run and catch this bus.  In the end I jumped onto the rear platform after a forty metre sprint.  Not bad for a sixty-five year old after a stroke, with a dicky heart.

try doing that on any other bus.

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A Bad Day For Living Alone

Today is probably not going to be a good day. It’s going to rain all day and the football is in Blackpool, the town with the streets paved with vomit.  I suppose the heavy rain forecast for the cess-pit of the Lancashire coast, will clean it up a bit, but it’s not the weather to visit a town without any gluten-free food.

So I’ll just stay here and listen to the radio in between watching the football on Sky.

I can’t even go to bed, as I don’t have a lady to make it more comfortable.

At least with the cafe opposite, I can go there and have a coffee in between the rain showers.

I think I’ll look for a matinee at the theatre. At least, I can catch the 38 bus from round the corner direct to Shaftesbury Avenue.  Singing in the Rain anybody?

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