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Kremlin Lets Women Drive The Trains

The title of this post is the same as that of an article in The Times on Friday.

This was the first two paragraphs.

For decades, Russian girls who have dreamt of becoming train drivers or mechanics or captaining a ship have been forced to abandon their ambitions.

Laws prohibiting women from physically demanding employment, or jobs that could harm their chances of bearing children, were introduced by the Soviet Union in 1974, and updated by President Putin in 2000.

No wonder Russia a basket case, as they are not making best use of their resources. As do countries like Iran, Iraq and Syria!

Remember, that during the Second World War, the Nazis didn’t let women work in the war effort.

I seem to remember they lost!




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Women And Fraud

In all these frauds like MPs expenses, malpractices in the City and now FIFA, I can’t seem to remember a woman ever being involved.

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Exposed Breasts On The Underground

How long have there been Page 3 girls in The Sun?

So in some ways, it is rather strange, that on a Metropolitan Line train, I saw for the first time, a pair of breasts in a newspaper displayed in all their glory by the guy opposite.He’d folded the paper back to read something more interesting on the other side of the page.

It was also strange that no-one asked the man to cover up his breasts by refolding the paper.

In answer to the question at the start of this post, the answer is in this Wikipedia entry.

It’s over forty years.

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A Tale Of Two Young Women

Today we had the good news of Malala Yousafzai leaving hospital after being shot by the Taleban in Pakistan  for speaking up for the education of girls.

But the student, who was raped and murdered in India hasn’t been as lucky. The latest news is here on the BBC.

What is it in the sub-continent about their attitude to women and girls?

But saying that, there is a surprisingly large number of Asian men in jail in the UK for sex offences.

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Does A Country, Company Or Organisation Need A Woman At The Top?

There has been a lot of news today about the release under the thirty-year-rule of secret documents concerning Margaret Thatcher and various subjects like the Falklands War, Jimmy Savile and her son, Mark.

Nothing is particularly contentious, except perhaps the fact that someone misjudged what was happening in Argentina and gave Mrs. Thatcher bad information. But then the Secret Intelligence Service, didn’t give Tony Blair the best information either.

On the other hand, when dealing with Mark lost in the desert, she seems to have acted to make sure that the state didn’t pay for her son’s folly.

If we go through the history of the United Kingdom, you’ll find that at various dark hours, women have been to the fore. You could start a list with Boudicca, Elizabeth the First, Victoria and Margaret Thatcher. You could argue that our current Queen has been a safe pair of hands for most of her life. She was also part of that vast army of women, who stepped in to fill the gaps in the factories, in transport and as support staff during the Second World War. Hitler didn’t mobilise the German women and he of course lost. Some historians say the mobilisation of women in the UK, was a major factor.

I would argue that you don’t need to have a woman at the top,but once you have, it changes a lot of the culture, even if it’s just other talented women believe they can get there.  And competition is always healthy, as it promotes the best!

Look at Margaret Thatcher’s effect on British politics. Before her stint as Prime Minister, there were few women at the top in British politics and there have been a lot more since she resigned.

Look at the basket cases of the Eurozone!  How many of them have had a woman Prime Minister or President.  Only Ireland and that is the one country in trouble, that is making progress towards sorting its finances.

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Do Women Make The Best Spies?

Apparently they do according to various stories in the papers yesterday, where the CIA and Mossad is concerned. But there’s also evidence from MI5 in this article in the Guardian from 2004.

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How Not To Run A Prison System

This story from the United States is terrible.

I’m not saying, rape of women prisoners doesn’t go on in other countries, but you rarely here of it in Europe. I seem to vaguely remember, that when C used to visit HMP Holloway in the 1960s and 70s, that she told a story of a prisoner, who got pregnant.

I also think there are some countries in Europe, where few women are incarcerated.

The United States should bring its Justice and Prison up to the standards of the civilised world.

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Taliban Condemn Bishop Vote

This is the headline over a humorous picture in the Sunday Times, showing three fully covered-up women from Afghanistan, with a speech bubble saying, “It’s appalling how the Church of England treats its women”


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