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The Old Hackney Town Hall

These pictures show the Old Hackney Town Hall.

It is now a pub and Grade II Listed.

Behind the building is the Grade I Listed St.Augustine’s Tower, which is all that remains of the 16th Century parish church of St. Augustine.

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The Death Of The Duke Of Wellington

I used to use this pub occasionally, as it showed football on a large screen and served reasonable gluten-free pizzas.

But it is closed because of COVID-19!

How sad!

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Down The Pub For The Football

There is a typical man’s pub that does beer and pizza near me, where I go occasionally to watch football, if I don’t fancy watching alone.

So for tonight’s England-Argentina game in the Women’s World Cup, I walked along my road and had a butchers!

There wasn’t a seat to be had, so I may have got my gluten-free beer, but there wouldn’t have been anywhere to eat a pizza.

But it was gratifying to see the support for the women’s version of the National game!


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London’s Garden Station

With the English love of gardening, you’d think that there would be lots of railway and Underground stations in the capital, which celebrate gardens.

But there are only three; Covent Garden, Kew Gardens and Ruislip Gardens.

The first is not really a garden now and who has heard of the last, but everybody has heard of the second.

So as I had heard the station had a pub on the platform, I went to take a look.

I just had a glass of real cider, but unfortunately the pub called the Tap On The Line had one of the most coeliac-unfriendly menus I’ve found in a long time.

The piece de resistance, was that the chips were oven chips, which as any coeliac knows are enhanced with wheat, so are not gluten-free. Even McDonalds manage to make their fries gluten-free!

You would be better off bringing a picnic to eat in Kew Gardens, which is four hundred metres away.

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It Just Had To Happen!

The Londonist is organising a pub crawl based on Crossrail stations.

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Should We Ban Smoking Outside Pubs?

This was the pavement outside a pub near me, on Sunday morning.

Should We Ban Smoking Outside Pubs?

Should We Ban Smoking Outside Pubs?

Not only do their customers with a death-wish block the pavement and make it difficult to get by, they leave a lot of mess for our excellent pavement sweeper to clear up.

If nothing else, pubs should be made to clear up the mess their customers create.

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The Truscott Arms

This lunchtime I went for a gluten-free beer at the Truscott Arms in Maida Vale.

The beer was a Belgian one called Daas Blonde. I would certainly drink another and one night I’ll go to back to the pub for dinner.

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The Northgate Is Now The De Beauvoir Arms

One of my local pubs, that I use occasionally is the Northgate on Southgate Road on the Islington/Hackney border.

It reopened yesterday after a change of ownership and a refit as the De Beauvoir Arms.

I have just returned from having a drink there.

As a coeliac, I don’t drink beer, but the Stowfold Press cider on offer was excellent.  I do prefer Aspall, but then you can take the man out of Suffolk, but you can’t take Suffolk out of the man.

I shall go and have a meal there soon, to check out the food.

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Wetherspoons To Open A Pub On The M40

It looks like Wetherspoons will be opening a pub on the M40 according to reports like this one from the BBC.

I have no view on whether it would increase drink-driving, but surely it would be just as easy to drink in a pub just off the motorway, than one in a service area.

But what I would like to see is better rail interchanges on motorways! Very few railway stations are close to motorways with large amounts of parking. Personally, I’m not too badly affected, as I don’t drive, but sometimes when I want to meet someone driving along the motorway, finding a suitable station is difficult.


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Quiet Please

This notice was outside a pub near me.

Quiet Please

Quiet Please

I think I’ll go and see if the pub is as entertaining as the notice.

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