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The Northgate Is Now The De Beauvoir Arms

One of my local pubs, that I use occasionally is the Northgate on Southgate Road on the Islington/Hackney border.

It reopened yesterday after a change of ownership and a refit as the De Beauvoir Arms.

I have just returned from having a drink there.

As a coeliac, I don’t drink beer, but the Stowfold Press cider on offer was excellent.  I do prefer Aspall, but then you can take the man out of Suffolk, but you can’t take Suffolk out of the man.

I shall go and have a meal there soon, to check out the food.

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Up Yours Scammers And PPI Callers!

My BT phone bill was put on-line today and an advert on the site talked about a new BT 6500 phone, which has an answerphone and also blocks nuisance calls.

BT 6500 Phone

BT 6500 Phone

It would appear to have all the benefits of trueCall in one package.

I’ll see how I get on with it, as I must get about ten or so unwanted calls on some days.

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Garlands Of Flowers At St. Paul’s

Everybody was photographing these flowers at St. Paul’s.

Ignoramus in this area, as I am, I have no idea what type they are!

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How Did That Get There?

Is this taking eco-living too far, to have a cow in Camden?

How Did That Get There?

How Did That Get There?

I suppose they must have swum it there along the Regent’s Canal.

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The Penguin Beach At London Zoo

We sat and had our excellent supper, whilst we watched the penguins have their fish.

Note the heron and the seagulls in the pictures. The white devices over the fence are plastic drainpipes so that the penguins have to work for their food and to stop the seagulls stealing it.

These penguins are developing into real show-offs.  One was doing a side stroke and several of them were porpoising in and out of the water.

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Squirrel Monkeys At London Zoo

The squirrel monkeys at London Zoo are a major attraction, although they’ve had a bit of bad publicity lately, having bitten a few people according to this report in the Standard.

They were well-behaved last night, but as with all monkeys, they quickly learn where visitors keep goodies. But at least these delightful monkeys aren’t as big and dangerous as baboons, who are the real hooligans of Africa.

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Zoo Lates At London Zoo

These Friday evening, adults-only visits to London Zoo are one of the highlights of the summer. I went with my son and his partner and we thoroughly enjoyed the evening.

It wasn’t as crowded as when I went two years ago, but the  event was sold out.

One of the highlights of the evening is the food and London Zoo showed how to do mass catering at an event.  There were food stalls for every possible taste and I had a Pimms and a very nice and very authentic curry, from a stall, manned by probably a Bangladeshi family.

I have never understood, why outside say football grounds and other events, you don’t see stalls selling proper curries.  All you seem to get is tired gluten-rich food, based on burgers and soggy chips. Mother, who was serving the curry, assured me that their food was gluten-free and I haven’t had any adverse reaction.

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Dory Previn To Be Remembered

I wish I could get to New York for this concert.

A group of gifted artists have been added to the lineup of VINEYARD CELEBRATES THE SONGS OF Dory Previn, a special, one-night-only benefit concert featuring the brilliant and iconic work of the legendary singer and songwriter on Monday, June 17, 2013 at 7:00 PM at The Vineyard (108 E. 15 St., between Irving Place and Union Square East)

But I am elsewhere on that day.

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Tate To Blow Up The Best Of British Art

This is a headline in The Times and describes a plan by the Tate to put large images of some of our most famous paintings on thousands of poster sites around the country. There’s more on the scheme called Art Everywherehere in the Independent.

I would like to see Whistlejacket, by George Stubbs displayed, but did Stubbs paint it the wrong way round to be used.

I think it’s a brilliant idea. At least they’ll be more relevant to me, than the usual boring adverts you see, like the one I saw yesterday.

In fact I think it is so brilliant, I’ve just donated a small amount of money to help.  £3 pays for the printing of a poster.

Some didn’t like the headline in The Times, but I think it’s just another in the series that contains the brilliant “Fog in Channel, Continent Cut Off!”,  That headline is discussed here.

Money may make the world go round, but humour puts the smile on everybody’s faces.

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