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Smart Lavatories Could Spot Tumours Before They Form

The title of this post is the same as that of this article on page 14 of today’s copy of The Times.

With bowel cancer being a big killer, I can understand how it might work there, but how will it spot brain tumours.

Perhaps all those school bullies, who put unfortunates’ heads down the toilet and pulled the chain, had it roight?

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A Tale Of Two Taps

I saw a Franke tap, that I liked in a plumbing shop, but the price of £240 or so plus VAT was too much.

So I looked in IKEA, where I got this very similar one for £80.

I shall add some more pictures when it is installed.

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Details Of My Bathroom

I’ve now got some of the bathroom as  want it.


1. The hooks and the towel ring are stuck on with a special epoxy. The tiles are so hard to drill one hole costs at least a tenner in drill bits and the good temper of the driller. So far the glue is performing, as I hope it will.

2. The grab rail is positioned in line with the right side of the bath, so that it steadies me, as I get in and out.

3. I probably need a shorter grab rail on the other side of the bath low down for my left hand, as I sit and stand up.

4. My bathroom is off the front hall, so it doubles as a wet clothing and umbrella room.

5. The stool is one of Suffolk Six and one was in our last bathroom in Suffolk. I’d sit on it, whilst talking to C, as she luxuriated in the bath.

6. The towel ring stuck by the side of the bath is big enough to hold a towel, that a lady with long hair might use after washing it. To get the towel size right, I asked an assistant in John Lewis for her opinion. She tested the size, whilst serving me at the till.

7. I use a ceramic tray for my soap and shampoo, as until I find the right one, I’m not going to drill the tiles and so avoid Jerry’s problem.

7. I never use a mirror in the bathroom and forget to put one in. My stupid builder didn’t spot the omission either! So now I’m looking for a compatible stick-on mirror, so that the tiles don’t have to be drilled.

The fittings are the Bond range from Miller of Sweden. They look good and are very easy to put up straight. They supplied the special epoxy.

This bathroom has been a long time coming, as work started in Oct 2012 and I even had my first bath in the new bath in December 2012.

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I took this picture with my waterproof camera this morning of the newly installed Aquavision television in my bathroom.



What the picture doesn’t show is the two naked blonde handmaidens giving me glasses of champagne and gluten-free bacon sandwiches!

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Trying Out The Bath

I thought some people would like to see a picture of my toes in the bath.

Trying Out The Bath

Trying Out The Bath

The only problem so far, is when it starts, you get a few jets of cold water, that has been in the pipes, since you last used the bath.

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My First Bath In The New Bath

I gave the features of the bath a test.

Everything seems to be fine.

Obviously the television and the side of the bath still need to be fitted.

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Should I Put A Camera In My Bathroom?

My bath, which is on the ground floor, takes about thirteen minutes to fill and usually I time it by the clock on the BBC Breakfast News.

I’ve had the odd overfilling problem, but normally it’s spot on!

I did think about putting a camera there so I could watch it fill from upstairs, where I normally sit, whilst it was filling.

But such a camera, might make guests think, I had a dark side!

On the other hand, it would certainly make filling a bath easier, but it wouldn’t be as good as the self-filling bath, I proposed earlier.

I wonder whether and if so where I can get an Internet enabled load cell?

It would be wonderful to click a button on my computer screen and then a few minutes later be told that my bath was full.

January 2015 Update – As the television is now working properly and I generally have a bath during BBC Breakfast, I now have a reliable clock in my bathroom.

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I Want One Of These!

I saw this tap in John Lewis today.

I Want One Of These!

I Want One Of These!

I’m going to have one in my kitchen. It’s a Franke Belfast.

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You’re Always Close To A Rat In London

It is always said, that in London you’re never far away from a rat. This article on the BBC asks if we’re never more than six feet away from a rat.

Six feet is a large distance compared to the close encounter, I’ve just had during my bath.

My bathroom isn’t completed yet, despite being started nearly two years ago. The bath works, but the toilet hasn’t been fitted yet and there is just a hole into the drains.

As I sat up in the bath, something brown and moving caught my eye on the floor.

It wasn’t a very large example, but I know a rat when I see one. In fact, it looked pretty healthy compared to some that my cats brought in, whilst I was living in Suffolk.

But it was probably less than a metre away from my eyes.

I was just on the point of thinking I should get out of my bath, so I pulled the plug and my only slightly dirty bathwater went down the drain, hopefully showing the rat where to go.

I suspect I should turn myself into the RSPCA, as I’ve probably been guilty of inflicting pain and suffering on an animal.

At least if he or she does come back, they”ll have had a good bath in reasonably warm water!

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Twin Toilets

This story from the BBC is summed up by a related tweet.

Two toilets – 28,000 roubles, Olympic media centre – 1.5bn roubles. Global embarrassment – priceless.

If this is the standard of humour for Sochi 2014, then we’re in for a treat.



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