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Ruin Lust At The Tate Britain

I saw this exhibition at Tate Britain, when I went to see the Richard Deacon exhibition a few days ago.

Today, Ruin Lust is reviewed in the Standard by their respected art critic, Brian Sewell. He says this.

But what is? Any ordinary bloke unwise enough to chance £10 on this exhibition will depart baffled and bewildered.

And he continues in the sane vein.

The Guardian describes it as a brilliant, but bonkers exhibition.

The Times calls it a fetishist take on property porn and gives it two stars.

I actually thought that both exhibitions, had a touch of the emporer’s new clothes about them.


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Is Islington Council Run By Labour Or Sainsburys?

As I walked past Islington Town Hall today, there was a guy outside holding up a placard, bearing the title of this post.

Is Islington Council Run By Labour Or Sainsburys?

Is Islington Council Run By Labour Or Sainsburys?

As I’m not an Islington resident and don’t know too much about the intracacies of the local politics, I was a bit baffled.  Especially, as it seemed to be a one man protest.

I did find this story on the Islington Tribune site, so it could be about converting the cop shop in Highbury into a Sainsburys

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Cauliflower Cheese Like My Mother Didn’t Use To Make!

I like cauliflower and as a child, my mother used to make cauliflower cheese quite often. So when I saw Lindsey Bareham’s recipe for a good cauliflower cheese, I just had to make it.

I started by cutting up a medium sized cauliflower into florets and grated about a 100 grams of cheddar cheese.

Cauliflower And Grated Cheese

Cauliflower And Grated Cheese

I also took two sliced of Genius gluten-free bread, which after decrusting, I mixed with some grated parmesan in my Little Chopper.

Making Breadcrumbs

Making Breadcrumbs

The cauliflower was cooked in boiling salted water and then drained and placed in one of my Le Creuset dishes.

Cooked Cauliflower

Cooked Cauliflower

I then made a sauce by melting 25 grams of butter in a saucepan and adding 75 grams of gluten-free flour, a teaspoon of English mustard, about 100 grams of the water from the cauliflower and 200 ml. of milk. When it boiled, I simmered it for 5 mins and then stirred in the cheddar until it melted. It was then poured over the cauliflower.

Cauliflower In Cheese Sauce

Cauliflower In Cheese Sauce

Then the breadcrumb mix was added over the top, with a couple of knobs of butter.

Ready For The Oven

Ready For The Oven

I then cooked it for 20 minutes in the oven at 220°C.

Cauliflower Cheese

Cauliflower Cheese

I did make a mistake and cooked it at 240°C, so it was slightly over-cooked, but it was certainly very tasty. I’d also added slightly more mustard than recommended, but that was probably better to my taste.

It was very definitely, a good cauliflower cheese. I shall be cooking it again!



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Heston Blumenthal Does Kettles

I needed to buy a new kettle, as my previous one had developed a non-opening lid. I eventually bought this one that had been branded by Heston Blumenthal.

Heston Blumenthal Does Kettles

I doubt he designed it, but it suits my purposes, as I have a low spout on my cold water tap, which means that this petite kettle is ideal for my atrociously designed kitchen.

It’s also lighter than my previous one.  The only problem is that it could be a bit small, for some purposes like making pasta, where I tend to boil a large kettle of water rather than boil it in the saucepan.

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Nationwide Updates It’s On-Line Banking

Nationwide has brought in a new on-line banking web site, which seems to go some of the way to meet some of my objections about lack of information.

As an example, I’d setup a single payment to pay a credit card bill for the 13th March. Until the start of this week, the money would have been debited from my account at midnight and marked in my account by an anonymous entry, just giving out how much I’d paid. But this morning, the money had gone from my account and the entry gave full details about the transaction.

So Nationwide seems to be getting closer to my ideal of a money transfer company, where I can collect all my incoming payments and organise all of my outgoings.

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