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My First Ocado Delivery

I finally had an Ocado delivery today.

There are a lot of bags. But then there were a lot of bottles of Celia gluten-free lager and a couple of boxes of Coke.

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Hackney’s Domestic Food Waste System

Hackney has a two-bin food waste system that seems to work well.

I have a small bin in the kitchen and a larger one downstairs, which I put out once a week, with the other rubbish.

The larger one bin been designed for carrying, so I bring it upstairs to empty the smaller bin, rather than carry the waste down in its degradable liner.

I’m still using a shop carrier bag in a large IKEA plant pot for waste that can’t be recycled.

Both the liners for the food waste bin and green sacks for dry recycled waste are supplied by the council, by filling in an on-line form. Usually bags are delivered in a couple of days.

The system seems to be having the desired effect, as this page on the council’s web site shows. In 2001, the recycling rate was less than 1%, but now it is over 25%.

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German Lawyers Prove They Have A Sense Of Humour

There has been a YouTube video entitled Für Laura, which shows a German getting his own back on his wife, by cutting everything they own in half.

It now turns out that it was all a hoax by the German Bar Association in their on-line magazine .

Who said lawyers don’t have a sense of humour?

And who said Germans don’t have a sense of hunour?

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Big Belly Bins In Islington

I have a thing about street litter. My road isn’t particularly bad for rubbish, as we have a guy with a barrow, who patrols the area sweeping up anything that gets drops.

But it doesn’t deter people from piling waste around the litter bins in the road, as this picture shows.

Rubbish By A Bin In Hackney

Rubbish By A Bin In Hackney

I think a lot of what gets dumped is from people who have opted out of Hackney’s rcycling scheme, as bags often seem to be full of fast food packaging and disposable nappies. But some is definitely from commercial premises, as at times, I’ve seen people unloading rubbish by the bins from the back of pick-ups or vans.

I’ve passed the bin shown below at the Angel a couple of times, but today I had a good look.

An Islington Big Belly

An Islington Big Belly

It does appear to be in a better state than Hackney’s traditional bin. Perhaps those who think they will pile litter by bins, think that it’s got a camera inside.

The Big Belly web site, isn’t the easiest to navigate, but for a good explanation go to this page on the Islington web site. This is an extract.

The Big Belly units use solar power to compact litter so can hold up to eight times more litter than a normal bin, and email council staff when they need emptying.

Now under a pilot scheme 30 of the bins – which are also used in Times Square, New York – are being placed at busy recycling and litter hotspots in Islington, where street bins fill quickly.

I don’t know for sure, but I suspect as the bins are solar powered, they probably don’t need to be connected to any services. I did read on their web site, that they use SMS messaging to call for emptying.

I like the concept and suspect that it will get developed in the future to be even better and provide other services.

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Suffering From Short-And-Alone Syndrome

It is amazing how many jobs around the house are difficult for someone living alone, who is short in stature.

My new bathroom, has a problem. I suspect that the electrician who installed the six spot-lights in the ceiling, bought a dodgy batch of LED bulbs, as one-by-one over the last few months, they have died. Having a bath in the dark or lit by candles may be fun for couples, but this sixty-seven-year-old doesn’t find it the tiny bit interesting at all.

So I bought some new bulbs and got my step-ladder out, but found that the builder had gummed up the holders with paint, so working with my head about twenty centimetres below the fitting and my arms at full stretch, I can’t get the dmn things out of the ceiling, as I don’t have a third hand to hold the torch.

So now, I’ll have to get someone in at great expense and time, to do a job that if I was ten centimetres taller and had a third hand handy, I’d have done myself.

I think there’s a moral in this story for everyone. If you’re going to have these ridiculous spot-lights, make sure that they are fittings like I have elsewhere in the house, that have lugs so you can easily turn them to change the bulb.

In fact, I could design a light and a special tool, that would enable the bulb to be changed by a person of very limited height standing on the floor.


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