The Anonymous Widower

Surviving Lockdown

People ask if I am surviving lockdown.

I am lucky in several ways.


I live in a spacious house, which is comfortable.

Although, it does have problems.

  • It was built by a Turkish Jerrybuilder, who bought fixtures and fittings at the cheapest price possible.
  • It gets too hot.
  • The plumbing is suspect.
  • The air-conditioner is broken and the service company, have had my money to fix it, but won’t come.
  • The smoke detector above my bed is just hanging there, as I wrote in A Design Crime – The Average Smoke Detector

Hopefully, when we beat COVID-19, I’ll be able to move.


My investments give me enough to live comfortably. If you call, living in two rooms, never talking face-to-face with anybody living comfortably.


I am still fit and can exercise as much as I need and is recommended.

I have a workout that I do twice a day, which includes movements like press-ups, stretches and single-leg stands.

I can do two dozen press-ups straight off or walk three miles, if I need to.


My health is good, despite being a coeliac and suffering a serious stroke ten years ago.

  • I test my own INR.
  • I seem to have survived my fall of a month ago.
  • I only go to the surgery for B12 injections, drug reviews and the odd problem.

Other than that I just suffer from the problems of a healthy man of 72, like arthritis and hay fever.

I do have a strange skin, that leaks a lot of water and doesn’t bleed, when I have an injection or a doctor or nurse takes blood. I never have a plaster after either procedure.


I am a reasonable and very practical cook, or so my son and various friends tell me. These are some meals, I’ve been cooking under lockdown.

Sardines And Baked Eggs

Pasta With Yogurt Sauce For One

Goat’s Cheese, Strawberry And Basil Salad

Cod And Tomato With Basil

Lemon And Spinach Cod Gratin

Smoked Haddock And Curried Rice

I shall add more here.

I won’t starve!


A Marks and Spencer food store is fifteen minutes walk away, so I can get all the food I need.

I also got plenty of Adnams 0.5% alcohol Ghost Ship beers direct from the brewers delivered last week.

Their beers have been a lifeline, as they are gluten-free, thirst-quenching and don’t get me drunk. Even in quantity!

I also have safe delivery without any contact, as the couriers just ring my bell, we chat through the window about three metres away and they leave the goods on the step.

I didn’t think about lockdown, when I bought this house, but it is ideal for safe COVID-19-free deliveries.

Lockdown Practice

There can’t be many people, now going through the COVID-19 lockdown, wo have locked themselves away so many times in their life as I have.

  • At the age of about six, I spent three months or more, in isolation because I caught scarlet fever.
  • For the summer before A-Levels, my parents went to their house in Felixstowe. For part of the time, I locked myself in my bedroom and read up on my A level Physics.
  • A couple of times at ICI, I self-isolated with a computer to get important jobs done. How many have used an IBM-360 as a PC?
  • I self-isolated to write Speed, my first piece of independent software.
  • Pert7 and other software for Time Sharing Ltd was written overnight sitting in the window of their offices on Great Portland Street.
  • Artemis was written in an attic in Suffolk, with no-one else around for most of the time.
  • The special PC version of Artemis, that was a combined project management, database and spreadsheet program, was also written under lockdown.
  • After Celia died, I wrote Travels With My Celia(c) under lockdown. You can download the pdf file here.

Lockdown has almost been a way of life for me.

But on past form, I certainly have the mental strength to get through lockdown unscathed.


There must be a lot of others in much worse situations than myself.


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  1. There are some people who are very badly off. I am very lucky, although I am on “at least 12 weeks” lockdown because I have leukaemia and I had severe respiratory distress in February, as a complication of a routine procedure, and ended up in ICU. My husband works from home, has done for some years now; because of lockdown, he doesn’t have to visit places he would normally visit, so there is much less risk of him catching the virus and passing it on. Our house is a good size, so we aren’t under each others feet – how families with 2 parents working from home and 2 or 3 children doing home schooling cope when they are all using the dining table to work on – Neil has an office. We are financially secure, and we are able to get food delivered from Ocado – including decent quality gluten free stuff. We have a bit chest freezer, and a cellar which serves as a pantry.

    And most important, as well as loving each other, Neil and I both like each other and after 43 years, almost 39 of them married, we rarely argue, and if we do it never over anything serious.

    I am coping with lockdown by listing my gratitudes. I have a lot to be grateful for.

    Take care, keep safe 🙂

    Comment by nosnikrapzil | April 18, 2020 | Reply

    • I have been told by a doctor in the past, that being coeliac, I may have a strong immune system. Doctors have said this helps with things like COVID-19. It will be interested to see if coeliacs have a better record after we get through it. Nottingham University have said coeliacs have a better cancer record than the general population.

      Comment by AnonW | April 18, 2020 | Reply

  2. Have you tried a salad made from fresh fennel, fresh orange segments (with thier juice), and toasted pine nuts? A bit like the other salad you mentioned but you have to like fennel (not all do) and need to watch the pine nuts like a hawk while heating as they are easy to burn

    Comment by MilesT | April 18, 2020 | Reply

    • Thanks! But not for me, as I have a thing about fennel!

      Comment by AnonW | April 18, 2020 | Reply

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