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Second Time Around For A Lockdown

What is different this time around, is that I’ve had three months practice and I believed it would come, so I stocked up with essentials.

My Dalstonista grandmother regretted in the Great  War, she didn’t stock up, so wasn’t caught out in the Second, with a hundredweight of both jam and sugar in the cellar.

My essentials are a bit different.

  • Adnams Beer – 0.5 % alcohol.
  • Tins of sardines in tomato.
  • Gluten-free pasta
  • Muesli
  • Pots of porridge.
  • Pots of M & S luxury honey & ginger yoghurt. For adding to fruit, muesli and as a pasta sauce.
  • Ready meals in the freezer.

I would assume, I can get gluten-free bread, bananas, milk and eggs, when I need them.

Gloria Gaynor’s song is in my brain.

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Approaching Kings Cross – 4th November 2020

I came into Kings Cross station backwards on the train from Grantham station. I took these two series of pictures.

Approaching Kings Cross

There are signs of track appearing and being laid.

From The Tunnel To The Platforms

My train arrived in Platform 5.


It is now possible to see how the two extra tracks into the station will significantly increase capacity.



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Wear Mask, Save Live

Even Borat, is doing his bit to help fight Covids!

I photographed him lying above the Old Street roundabout.

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Avanti West Coast Set To Transform Motherwell Cross-Border Connectivity

The title of this post, is the same as that of this article on Rail Technology Magazine.

These are the first two paragraphs of the article.

Motherwell is set to see a transformation in services as Avanti West Coast announces plans for a major timetable boost on its Anglo-Scottish route.

The change in Avanti West Coast’s timetable will see the cross-border operator serve Motherwell with a further 96 services per week, the most substantial increase in cross-border rail services for the Scottish town in decades.

I used to have a client in Motherwell, thirty years ago, when I lived in Suffolk and that sort of service, would have been very helpful then.


  • CrossCountry and TransPennine Express services also call.
  • Motherwell station seems to have a variety of connections, most of which are electrified.
  • It is likely in future, an electric route will be created between Motherwell and Perth.

In the future High Speed Two will call half-hourly.


This seems to be an excellent proposal.

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