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Jaguar Car Brand To Be All-Electric By 2025

The title of this post, is the same as that of this article on the BBC.

It would appear, that some of the larger vehicles will be powered by hydrogen.

But it is an interesting, even if it is an inevitable move.

I find these two paragraphs interesting.

But it has dropped plans to build an electric version of its XJ saloon at the Castle Bromwich plant, meaning the site will eventually stop making cars.

Chief executive Thierry Bolloré said the plant would focus instead on “non-production” activities in the long term, without giving details.


  1. Castle Bromwich is a large site.
  2. It’s probably not in the best place to build thousands of cars.
  3. Would turning it into a giant battery-pack factory be classed as non-production?

It sounds like there’s a cunning plan.

  • As an engineer, I believe, there’s only one way to build an electric car and that is as light in weight as possible to make sure the car goes as far as possible on each charge of the battery.
  • So this will mean the sort of construction methods used for Formula One cars and aircraft.
  • Will this in turn mean a brand new factory, that makes cars in radically different ways?

I think there’s a lot more to be disclosed.


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The Welsh Find A Use For Japanese Knotweed

I had to laugh at a story, which is the secondary  story in this article on Rail News, which is entitled New Station Opens Quietly – And Knotweed Is Useful At Last.

The main story is about the opening of Bow Street station to the North of Aberystwyth.

When the London Overground took over the Lea Valley Lines, I comforted a semi-distraught London Overground manager, who had just found that one station was totally overrun with this heinous invader. It was so bad, he couldn’t even check how bad it was!

But it does seem, that the Welsh have come up with a solution on the line of Make The Bugger Work.

This is the paragraph, which describes the solution.

Bow Street has also made use of a plant pest which had been growing in the area, because 5000 cubic metres of Japanese Knotweed was treated and re-used for fill at the site, saving 400 lorry loads which would otherwise have been taken to landfill.

It’s very innovation and totally appropropriate.

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Could We Set Up Covid-19 Vaccine Tourism?


  • We are a country, which lots of people want to visit for business and/or tourism.
  • We have got lots of Covid-19 vaccine.
  • It appears that the one-shot Janssen vaccine will come on stream soon from the factory on Teesside.
  • We have accurate methods of detecting, if people have the virus.

I also think that in a few weeks time, it might be possible to check, that an incoming tourist from many countries, is totally free of the virus.

So could we operate a system, where incoming passengers from safe countries, go through a procedure similar to this?

  • They are tested for Covid-19 before departure and aren’t allowed to fly after a positive test. This is the current procedure.
  • On arrival in the UK, they go to a hotel for a night.
  • On arrival at the hotel, they are tested for Covid-19.
  • If the test is positive, they go straight back in the morning.
  • They are then vaccinated with the Janssen vaccine.

After appropriate checks, they are allowed to leave in the morning.

  • Those just coming for the vaccination could go straight back from where they came from.
  • Those coming for business or tourism, would follow the normal procedure.

I’m certain, that a procedure could be developed, that would be approved by the UK Government.

It would be ideal for a low-cost airline, who could set it up with a local hotel.

Travelling From Countries On The Banned List

Those entering from countries On The banned list would out of courtesy be offered a free vaccine.


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Will We Be Able To Open Up In The UK At The End Of April?

This page on Statista is entitled Population Of The United Kingdom In 2019, By Age Group.

Adding their numbers into groups gives.

  • Over 70 – 9 million
  • 50-69 – 16.2 million
  • 30-49 – 17.3 million
  • 20-29 – 8.7 million
  • Under 20 – 15.6 million

This adds up to a total of 66.8 million.


  • Over the last three days, over half a million first doses of the vaccines have been given.
  • In the first thirteen days of February an average of 443,525 jabs per day were administered.
  • In the first thirteen days of February, half a million first doses was exceeded four times.
  • Around 80-90 per cent of the four most at risk groups have had their first dose.
  • There are at least 70 days to go before the end of April.

I feel it is not unreasonable to expect that we can vaccinate half a million first doses per day, so by the end of April we should administer another 35 million first doses.

If the rate is only 400,000 first doses per day, that is still 28 million first doses.


It looks to me, that everybody over the age of twenty could be offered a first dose of vaccine, with some to spare for those under twenty. in higher risk situations.

So will we be able to open up the UK at the end of April?

It is my view, that the computer could say Yes! It certainly doesn’t say No!

In memory of Dame Barbara and Sir Henry, we should Carry On Jabbing!

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Station Reopening At Bow Street Brings First Trains For 56 Years

The title of this post, is the same as that of this article on the BBC.

Hopefully, I shall be able to visit this summer.

It must be around sixty years since I was last in that area. I can remember my father driving his MG Magnette (676 RME) on the beach at Borth, whilst we spent a few days at a B & B in Savage’s Garage in Aberystwyth.

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Memories Of Old Money

I don’t specifically remember Decimalisation-Day on the 15th February, 1971, which is fifty years ago today.

But I do have a few memories of the old currency.

  1. Before 1970, I served in pubs and will always remember that three bottles of Guinness at 1/8 each cost five shillings.
  2. I once complained to British Rail about a late train from Glasgow to Manchester and received a nine shilling postal order in return.
  3. I also remember the Kings Head theatre pub did everything in old money for some years, until the till broke.

You just got on with the change.

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