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Is The TP Group Worth A Punt?

I have been following the Class 799 train for some time. It is a hydrogen train prototype being sponsored by the owner of the train; Porterbrook.

The difficult task of fitting all of the hydrogen and electrical electrical gubbins under the floor of the train has been accomplished by the combined efforts of Birmingham University and TP Group.

But TP Group according to this article on The Times, which is entitled Directors In Line Of Fire As TP Group Takeover Bid Turns Sour, seems to have turned a bit difficult for the company.

I wrote about the Class 799 train in A Class 319 Train, But Not As We Know It! and I predict that it could be one of the stars of COP26 in Glasgow later in the year.

This picture sums up why!

The prototype may have designed for publicity, but I can see pictures of Joe, Boris, Angela et all going for a ride in this zero-carbon train, that started out as a British Rail commuter train on Thameslink.

I shall be watching the TP Group share price with interest.


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  1. Funnily enough I looked at TP a while ago as part of my AIM portfolio but was discouraged by the breadth of its activities. Now I see that in June it’s losses widened significantly and by the end of June it’s CEO was gone. Now Science Group wants TP to get rid of their Chairman and a non-exec director as part of SG’s bid for the business. TP’s riposte …”SG’s bid undervalues the business”. Not for me at the moment.

    Comment by Alan Morris | August 17, 2021 | Reply

    • I chatted it through with my pension advisor and as I had a sum, that would only probably pay for a couple of nights abroad, that was looking for a home after a dividend payment, we decided to make a small investment.

      If it ends in tears, they will only be small ones.

      Comment by AnonW | August 17, 2021 | Reply

      • My sympathies, but when we invest in the AIM we can expect a certain amount of, shall we say, volatility. So far I’m down on my portfolio.

        Comment by fammorris | August 17, 2021

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