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Ulster Says No!

Twas ever thus! This article on Wikipedia, is about the protests against the 1985 Anglo-Irish Agreement between Margaret Thatcher and Garret FitzGerald.

Let’s face it! Many of the views of the Democratic Unionist Party are very alien to this left-wing Tory voter.

For a start, I have known, three women in the UK, who might have decided to have an abortion for three different reasons. All of their reasons would have been illegal in Northern Ireland, but perfectly legal in the rest of the UK and most of Europe.

In this and several other areas, such as same-sex marriage, Northern Ireland must be brought in line with the rest of the UK.


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An Argument For Abortion

Abortion is a very tricky subject to say the least. But this tragic story from the BBC, may illustrate why every woman needs if not access to abortion, access to the ability to decide.

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The Disgrace of Augusta

I quite like golf on the television, but I never watch the Masters at Augusta.

Like many people, I can remember when blacks could only be caddies or waiters. In fact the founder of the tournament insisted that in his lifetime, it was only contested by white players with black caddies.

At least now President Obama has weighed into the row about women being allowed to watch. But then he knows that with the issues of birth control and abortion likely to figure in the next election, it will help him get re-elected.

The Masters also have an interesting problem this year, in that one of their major sponsors, IBM, has a female Chief Executive. Will they go for money or ditch an outdated principle?

In The Times today, Matthew Syed, one of their most-respected sports writers, calls Augusta a laughing stock.

The Times also indicates that some Scottish golf clubs have a similar attitude to women and St. Andrews has a particular problem, in that the Principal of the University is female.

I also remember a friend, who couldn’t use a corporate membership at a golf club in the south of England. But being the man he was, he talked them round.

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The Cloud-Cuckoo Land That is Republican Politics

I’ve just looked at this page on the BBC web site, which sets out the policies of the various Republican candidates, who might stand against President Obama. It looks like they are all against same-sex marriage and abortion, for cutting immigration into the United States, making everybody pay for their own health care and reducing tax rates to companies.

I can’t think of any past or present British politician, except for perhaps the BNP, who would promote such a toxic mix of electoral suicide.

But then the United States is different and you sort out your own problems.

It goes without saying, that no-one would be in favour of improving the justice and penal system and abolishing the death penalty.  But then most Americans believe in vengeance and not justice.

As I’ve said Barack Obama has been a disappointment to me, but he’s orders of magnitude better than this psychotic bunch.

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Newt Gingrich

Newt Gingrich says he is pro-life with respect to abortion.

Does that mean that he is against the death penalty?

I doubt it!

He has one of those special mirrors so he can shave both of his faces at the same time.

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