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A Police Car With 330,000 Miles On The Clock

At the commemoration for Prederick Parslowe the police brought along a couple of old police cars.

The Morris Minor was immaculate and had a genuine 330,000 miles on the clock. Apparently they own half-a-dozen, which get brought out for public relations purposes. One officer told me, that they’ve also got a couple of preserved Velocette LE‘s.

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Are Electric Cars The Way Forward?

They may well be, but judging by the reports from California about Tessla, it would appear that they are a long way away. This report from the BBC talks about the fires the cars are suffering. This is the first two paragraphs.

Battery fires in Tesla Model S electric cars have prompted an investigation by the US government’s auto safety agency.

Fires broke out in two cars in the US after debris hit the undercarriage, said the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

But just as with the Boeing Dreamliner, the batteries don’t seem to be up to the job.

As an Electrical Engineer, I believe that electric cars will not be a feasible proposition, until batteries can store several times as much energy safely as they do today.

Electric buses, trams and possibly some trucks are more likely to be commonplace, as their pattern of frequent stops and heavier payloads, may mean that some form of economic electric storage is available soon. Even with hybrid buses, one of the major running costs is the need to replace the batteries every few years or so.

I will be surprised, if electric cards, are little more than what they have been for the last hundred years; an interesting curiosity.

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How To Beat Car Price Depreciation

The title of this post came from one of the most read stories on the BBC web site.  It’s here.

It’s something I don’t suffer from.  I don’t have a car any more and don’t miss it one bit.

Take today and Bank Holiday Monday.

I have a list of places, I’d like to visit and every one is an easy journey by public transport, where I’ll probably sit on the top deck of a comfortable bus, enjoying the view and looking for little oddities to photograph. I’m also going to try out a new restaurant, where my son and I, will celebrate his birthday. Parking at one of the places would be impossible, except for a bike, but the bus virtually stops outside.

Cutting the cost of motoring is a bit like cutting the cost of smoking!

Just give it up!

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Do We Rely On Cars Too Much?

This story from Birmingham shows the problems you get when you close a major route through a city centre so important maintenance can be carried out.

Birmingham to me, is one of the least pedestrian friendly cities in the UK and it seems to an outsider that everything has been given over to the car. On my last visit for example, I found no walking maps at all. I also went to St. Andrews to see Ipswich play Birmingham City last year and walking to the ground was a dangerous experience.

But then nothing must detract from the experience of driving!

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I Thought We Were Past This Too!

This story about a woman, who wants to be a mechanic, shows that sexism is alive and well in some parts of the motor trade.

I always remember a story from myt father, who did some sort of job, that meant he drove all round East Anglia during the Second World War. He was having problems with the old Ford he was driving and pulled into a garage in a small village near Sudbury in Suffolk.  Nobody was about, but he did see a pair of legs sticking out from under a car. So he called out and in a few moments, as he would say, a gorgeous tall blonde extracted herself from under the car and stood over him.  She asked what the problem was and he told her.  She said he’d better sort it out with the boss in the office. He found the boss and the problem was sorted, whilst he had lunch in the cafe next door. On returning he asked the owner, who was the mechanic, as even in wartime, you didn’t come across female ones very often. He was told she was Lady something and she was the best mechanic he’d ever had.

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I Can’t Believe Kia Called A Car A Soul!

Just say Kia Soul and listen to yourself.

I wonder if Clarkson has picked it up!

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Car Registration NAB 2

This evening, I saw a car with the registration of NAB 2.

This was once owned by the colourful MP; Gerald Nabarro.  But he didn’t own just NAB 2, but the whole sequence from one to seven or so.  I remember seeing them all lined up in a newspaper picture, with two being used for the gardeners’ mopeds.

One connection to the modern day is that Christine Hamilton was at one time, his secretary.

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Jeremy Clarkson Is More Popular Than Hillary Clinton In Iran

This story from the BBC’s web site must be the strangest to come out of Iran in recent months.

It is about how Top Gear is very popular in the country and relates the story of a visit to Kurdistan, by the actor, who dubs our Jeremy into Farsi. Here’s an extract.

The BBC cannot operate freely in Iran, so Top Gear’s popularity is hard to measure. But last year, when PTV dropped an episode to air an exclusive interview with then US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, the audience protested bitterly.

I think in some ways that the man or woman on the Teheran omnibus or stuck in the Isfahan traffic jam think about the same things as their equivalemts in New York, Glasgow and Sydney.

Perhaps, Hillary Clinton could be a star in a reasonably priced car to raise her popularity in Iran.

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A Half-Timbered Car!

The funny title is not mine, but it was said by Barry Humphries, when dressed as Dame Edna, he was walking through Stratford-on-Avon.

A Half-Timbered Car!

A Half-Timbered Car!

There aren’t many half-timbered houses around here, with one of the nearest in Walthamstow.

When we first moved to the Barbican, we had a green Morris Minor Traveller, just like this one.

There must be few of my generation, who’ve never owned or driven one of these cars.

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A Real Advantage Of Not Having A Car

A friend of mine had their car stolen yesterday.

The day before the battery went flat and they had to call the AA to get moving. So when they got back home yesterday, they left the engine running so that their partner could drive the car to the garage to get a new battery fitted.

But when their partner went back outside, they found that the car had disappeared.

What I find so funny about this story, is not the fact that the engine had been left running on the street, but that the car is one of the oldest Homda Civics on London’s streets.  But then it is difficult to understand the mind of the criminal. Perhaps they wanted it for cover for a ram raid on an old peoples’ home or to con someone out of a Zimmer frame.

And to make matters worse, I don’t suspect it had been properly cleaned for some time.  So it probably wouldn’t impress the girl-friend. That is assuming it was stolen by a man! on the other hand it could have been stolen by a man with a sense of humour to get rid of his girl-friend!

You have to ask various question.  Was it full of petrol, as this would give a motive for this serious crime? Did my friend, a non-smoker, keep pound coins for the meter in the ash tray? Both facts would have at least doubled the value of the vehicle.

My friend is seriously questioning the need to replace this car. Perhaps, it is a message from some supreme being, who feels that another non-driver is a good thing!

I shall keep laughing as this is possibly the biggest advantage of not having a car.

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