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Is David Cameron Satanic?

It has been reported that Anjem Choudary has called David Cameron satanic.

Quite frankly, David Cameron is one of the least satanic prime Ministers we’ve had.  I suppose though, he shares with John Major and Margaret Thatcher, no outspoken religious views, which must make him satanic to some.

Choudary was on BBC Radio 5 this morning and Phil Williams asked if he was on benefits. He refused to answer. Judging by the texts read out on the program,  Choudary doesn’t have much support.

Let’s hope it stays that way and we can file him and his movement in the same dustbin as those of the Far Right.

Surely though after another atrocity in Pakistan yesterday in the centuries-old feud between Sunni and Shia Muslims, Islam needs a few men of peace with vision. On the subject of the rivalry between the two parts of Islam, read this.

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Should We Have An In/Out Referendum On Europe?

Years ago in 1975, I voted to stay in Europe, in Harold Wilson’s referendum. It was the first time I’d ever voted in any political election.

I look upon our membership of the European Union, with the mind of a Control Engineer.  Two things should be born in mind.

Uncertainty is one of the most difficult things, when it comes to making a system stable.  And I think, we’d all like stable lives.

Trying to take a system through a discontinuity is dangerous!  I use the example of riding a bicycle up and down a kerb.  Or if you don’t ride one, how about driving a car over a sleeping policeman.

For me, the best way to control anything is lots of little actions applied regularly and often.

Look at the serious discontinuities, the world has experienced in the last few years, like the attacks of September 11, 2001 or the bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers. Our reaction was strong and as a control engineer, I think it could have been far too strong.  We just panicked and made things worse.

The referendum on Europe would be a major step-change for us all to pass through, with many in favour and many against. Just the holding of the referendum might have either a lot of large positive or negative effects.

Let’s face it Europe has a lot of problems.  Some like the budget and the non-sign-off of accounts are large problems in politicians of the out tendency, but they are the sort of problems, that in any large organisation, can generally be solved by hard negotiation.

One thing, that politicians seem to have ignored is the world in 2018, will be a very different place to that today. There is so much uncertainty!

The only good thing, is that a lot of that uncertainty will result in positive results for Britain, Europe and the whole planet.

Think about these issues before deciding on whether we should have a referendum.

1. Suppose Obama is replaced in 2016, by a very unacceptable president, who makes Mormon Mitt look like a liberal.

2. Will Scotland still be in the United Kingdom?

3. Will France be an economic powerhouse?

4. Will the banks still do all their traditional functions?

5. Wind turbines and nuclear power.

6. Airports and trains.

7. Where will the next big war be?

There is a lot of uncertainty, is the only thing you can say. And all  David Cameron is doing is increasing it!

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Cameron’s Worst Nightmare

Seeing the performance of the Labour Party today, I wouldn’t think that he would be worried much. Especially, as opinion polls seem to show that the public don’t trust Labour with the economy.

Much of what happens to the economy will happen anyway, as large job creation will be by big companies, who will do it based on their needs. There will also be a lot by the average people, who generally read the economy better than the politicians do, and act when they see gaps.

But what happens across the pond in November, will have a large effect on what happens in this country.

It’s probably true to say, that David Cameron and Barack Obama are very similar, although from different backgrounds.  If Obama should remain US President, then business will be very much as before.

But Mitt Romney, a man who is the most religious US Presidential candidate in some time, would I think create problems for any British Prime Minister, if he got elected.

If for instance, the United States got involved in an Israeli-led attack on Iran, would we be capable of staying out of it.  The majority of the British public would want no part of it, of that there is no doubt.  And I suspect Cameron doesn’t either! But who knows what will happen, if Israel attacked Iran.

This is just one area, where Romney is downright dangerous.

And a world stirred up by Romney, would give a tremendous boost for the opposition in the UK. Especially one, who could play the Hate Romney card with impunity.

Let’s hope the American voters are sensible enough to send Romney packing.

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The Queen Meets President Hollande Today

according to The Times, the Queen will meet President Hollande today for thirty minutes. They will meet without interpreters and it is expected that they will talk in French. Has there ever been a French queen, who spoke fluent English?

Later President Hollande will have a working lunch with David Cameron.

Note that Hollande’s name is always flagged up by the default spell check.

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What Do David and Sam Cameron Not Do?

The answer is in The Times today!

Apparently neither of them wear a watch.

It also says, that they are not known for their love of trinkets.

On a personal note, C never wore a watch, but she did buy me at least four, including a Rolex as she was dying for my first Christmas without her.

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David Cameron’s Biggest Problem

Rowan Williams decision to retire as Archbishop of Canterbury, may have given David Cameron his biggest problem. Although, as the Telegraph puts it he makes the decision from a short-list of one.

Dr John Sentamu has been installed by bookies as their favourite in the wake of the Archbishop of Canterbury announcing that he will step down by the end of the year.
David Cameron, the Prime Minister, will name Dr Williams’ successor after being given a “preferred name” by the Church’s appointments commission, which is made up of three clergy and three members of the laity. It is chaired by a civil servant.
Dr Sentamu is on the commission and will have to step down if he intends to be considered to be Archbishop of Canterbury.
He would be the first black leader of the Church of England and as primate would inherit an Anglican communion badly split over how to deal with homosexuality and whether women can become bishops.
Dr Williams himself conceded that his own attempt to prevent schism in the Church over the issues was likely to fail.

But if a large number of the Anglican Community don’t like the choice, David Cameron will get the blame.

Perhaps he should give the decision to Nick Clegg, as he doesn’t believe in God.

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Nuclear Dilemmas

The Times today reports that an independent Scotland under the SNP would want no part of the Trident nuclear missiles based at Faslane. So this would mean we’d need to build new facilities in England. The extra cost would mean that those arguing against Trident replacement be helped greatly.

I actually think that we should scrap Trident and if we needed to keep a nuclear deterrent, we should use cruise missiles fired from a vessel like an Astute class submarine.

But the bigger nuclear diemma is over nuclear power. It is being reported that today, David Cameron and Nicholas Sarkozy will sign a wide ranging treaty which among other things enables new nuclear power stations in the UK.

But Francois Hollande has said, that if he wins the French Presidency, he’ll scrap nuclear power in France. Remember that Scotland will need nuclear power, when the wind doesn’t blow.

Let’s have some engineers in politics.

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Cameron Apologises For Tourette’s Jibe

I can’t imagine some of our recent Prime Ministers making a statement like this to the Sunday Telegraph.

“He just annoys me,” Mr Cameron said of Mr Balls — whose gestures and comments aimed at the Prime Minister have become a well-known feature at question time sessions.

“But I’m very bad, in the House of Commons, at not getting distracted, and the endless, ceaseless banter, it’s like having someone with Tourette’s permanently sitting opposite you.”

After all, he could have said something like a record stuck in a groove, which no-one would have bothered about. The trouble is that how many these days know what a record is! I think a survey wouldn’t find too many people, who knew what exactly Tourette’s syndrome is either.

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The Sharing of Patient Data

David Cameron is getting a lot of criticism about his plans to anonymously share patient data with private companies.

As someone, who has lost two close relatives to difficult cancers and suffered a serious stroke, I can’t see what the problem is about, if the patients personal details are kept confidential.

I was once told by a senior research manager of a big German pharmaceutical company, that only about fifteen percent of medical databases have been analysed to any great extent. He felt that it would take an increasing part of medical research.

My son was part of a major trial being coordinated by a renowned British University.  I was invited to see their work and was totally impressed at the care they were taking to make sure the data was correct and properly safeguarded. They were also looking for patterns in the data, as any clue, however small, might be invaluable in the fight against disease.

One thing that has to be said, is that if you are looking at any database for patterns, then that database must be complete, with no errors in the data. I have come across researchers, who when they are trying to prove something in a field like archaeology, first clean the data of anything that doesn’t fit their theories.

That is the biggest problem in research.

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A Left-Handed Prime Minister and US President

Watching David Cameron and Barack Obama, yesterday, it struck me as unusual that both are left handed.

Apparently, four of the last five US Presidents have been.

I also think that if you were at the sort of school attended by David Cameron, that they beat it out of you!

Perhaps things have moved on! I hope so!

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