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St Michaels Station To Go Step-Free

This document on the Government web site is entitled Access for All: 73 Stations Set To Benefit From Additional Funding.

St. Michaels station is on the list.

These pictures show the current station.

St Michaels station, like Hunts Cross station, has rather unusual long shallow angle ramps, with steps.

This 3D Google Map shows the station.


  1. It is a well-appointed and well-maintained station with a Ticket Office, a toilet and cycle storage and hire.
  2. Car parking is very limited.
  3. But the station is designed for pedestrians, cyclists and visitors
  4. The station has a rather chequered history, being closed in 1972, only to be reopened six years later.
  5. I think the design of the ramps is a good example of independent Liverpudlian thinking, which often ignores conventional practice.

The ramps were built for International Garden Festival in 1984, the site of which is shown on this second Google Map.

St. Michaels station is in the top-right corner of the map.

The International Garden Festival site has since been updated and 1300 new houses are being built on the site.

Adding step-free access to the station, will surely be a big asset to the area.

Preparation For Class 777 Trains

Note that St. Michaels station has been updated to allow step-free access  between the new Class 777 trains and platform.

According to a fellow traveller, it had been done at night with little inconvenience to passengers.

Installing The Lifts

I would suspect, that the two new lifts could be installed in the space currently occupied by the two disused stairways.


This is the type of station that needs step-free access.

  • It will make nearby developments more desireable.
  • It will facilitate walking with children and for those in wheelchairs.
  • It will increase traffic at the station.

I would also suspect the lifts can be added without too much disruption to the travelling public.

I also think there a lesson in the chequered history of St. Michaels station.

Next time a station or even a whole line has to be closed, make sure that it can be reopened, if necessary in the future. To many useful stations like Horden and Maiden Lane have been reduced to rubble. The former is being rebuilt and many believe the latter is needed.


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The New Orchard At Hackney Downs Station

I took these pictures of some of the new trees installed on the sunny side of Hackney Downs station.

It surprised me, that they are apple trees.

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My Front Garden

I now have a front garden.

Note the berberis. People regularly sit on my front walls and drink rubbish beer and eat disgusting takeaways late at night. As none of it is gluten-free I worry about their helth.

Hopefully, a few pricks up the backside will make them think twice about their diet and they will sit somewhere else!

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The First Two Shelves For My Vertical Garden

They might not look like that as they sit amongst the builders rubbish in my garage, but I’m getting ready to start assembling my vertical garden.

The pictures show the steel beams in their primed state, some of the beams in my house with their dark chocolate paint and brass bolts, and the large expanse of wall with the glazed roof above.

I’ve put the lights in the pictures, as I have masses of lights in this house I don’t like.

Ever since I moved here, I’ve searched for something better, but all I see is expensive crap more suitable for an Algerian brothel or an Arab’s palace in Mayfair.

So what if I got a length of steel beam about 600 mm long, painted it chocolate and bolted it to the wall with brass bolts. On top could be some LED ropelights and their driver. I could also put ornaments or flowers at each end of the light. I would use IP65 components, so that it didn’t matter if they got wet.

Someone actually pointed out to me that orchids don’t need watering.

I reckon each light would cost about a hundred quid and if I didn’t like the colour, I’d just change the flowers.,

Isn’t designing gardens in the air fun?

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I’ve Now Got A Back Garden

The back garden is now finished.

I like it a lot, despite the fact, all I did was provide coffee and tea for the good people from Cercis.

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Cleaning Up My Garden

My garden has been a mess since I moved here. it was rather overgrown with bamboo and a dreadful tree.  Until today that is!

The two gardeners were from Cercis and I’d recommend them to anyone.

I’ll post a few more pictures, when they put in the plants.

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Linford Christie Is A Gardener

This was flagged up by Katherine Merry on Fighting Talk this morning.

Gardening is one of my pet hates, so I do find Linford Christie’s apparent love of gardening, rather foreign. I like looking at nice gardens, but please don’t ask me to do anything. I would have thought, Linford could have been like me, as we both had other things to do, that are more important.

I checked to see if Katherine Merry was right and found this article in the Financial Times.

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A Night At The Athletics

I went to see the athletics at the Olympic Park last night.

It was a gold-less night, but at least others have repaired some of damage Gordon Brown did by selling off our gold reserves too cheaply.

The Park and stadium are magnificent and hopefully will remain so, unlike Athens, Montreal and Moscow, which are the only Olympic stadia, that I’ve visited. One of the lasting memories in my mind, will be the glorious flowers. In Athens, all that’s left is weeds.

In fact this post could be titled something like Trees, Flowers, Water and Steel with a Few Sporting Events Thrown In. Only the British and perhaps the Irish, Dutch, New Zealanders and a few others would say that the legacy for the Games needs to be another park. Especially in a city like London, which is already endowed with many large and magnificent parks.

On the other and there is nothing worse in life, than tending a garden.  But that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy them!

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The Forsyth Saga

That sums up Who Do You Think You Are? tonight on Bruce Forsyth. The program was mostly about Bruce’s great-grandfather, Joseph Forsyth Johnson, who was a landscape gardener and bigamist.  East Enders had nothing on him for relationships and drama. Incidentally, forsythia is named after Joseph’s father.

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What Happens to a Homebase Fuchsia

I took this picture in the rain this morning.

Homebase Hardy Fuchsia "Alice Hoffman" - Click for Large

Homebase Hardy Fuchsia "Alice Hoffman"

Not bad for a cheap pot-plant!

I also took a photo of the plants climbing up the wall.

Pot Plants - Click for large

Pot Plants

 These are the same plants shown in Indian Summer.  My how they’ve grown in about seven weeks!

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