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Serial Cooking – Ham, Potato And Fenland Celery Gratin

This is another Lindsey Bareham recipe from The Times

It was different and I quite liked it. It was also rather nice warmed up in the microwave the following day!

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London’s Best Restaurants For Allergy Sufferers And Gluten-Free

I’m just putting a link to the list of 10 in last night’s Standard.

They missed out my two favourites; Vozar’s in Brixton and Arbutus in Soho.

But that makes a dozen.

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The First Two Shelves For My Vertical Garden

They might not look like that as they sit amongst the builders rubbish in my garage, but I’m getting ready to start assembling my vertical garden.

The pictures show the steel beams in their primed state, some of the beams in my house with their dark chocolate paint and brass bolts, and the large expanse of wall with the glazed roof above.

I’ve put the lights in the pictures, as I have masses of lights in this house I don’t like.

Ever since I moved here, I’ve searched for something better, but all I see is expensive crap more suitable for an Algerian brothel or an Arab’s palace in Mayfair.

So what if I got a length of steel beam about 600 mm long, painted it chocolate and bolted it to the wall with brass bolts. On top could be some LED ropelights and their driver. I could also put ornaments or flowers at each end of the light. I would use IP65 components, so that it didn’t matter if they got wet.

Someone actually pointed out to me that orchids don’t need watering.

I reckon each light would cost about a hundred quid and if I didn’t like the colour, I’d just change the flowers.,

Isn’t designing gardens in the air fun?

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Sorting Out My Staircase

I live on the top floor of a two story house in the sun. This is my staircase.

It needs a handrail capping off the glass. The glass is 20 mm thick.

The level bit at the top is 880 mm.

The top slope is 2640 mm long and the bottom is 1310 mm.

As everything is at all sorts of angles, I think it’ll be a nightmare to fit.

I also need a handrail on the wall.

I know that brass will be expensive, but this London mongrel doesn’t want to meet the devil through falling down the stairs. She threw me back once, so she’d probably reject me again!

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Where Do Vets Go For Their Christmas Outing?

I’ve just been talking on-line to a vet and their practice is going to see Cats?

I’ve never seen it myself!

In fact, I don’t think I’ve been to a show this year!

I don’t like going alone, as you’ve no-one to talk about it with afterwards.

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