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One Side Of A Man’s Kitchen

I’ve now virtually completed one side of my kitchen.


  • The television is on a 270° swivel so it can be watched from outside, when I’m eating or working.
  • The worktop will be extended through to continue over storage cupboards and a small deep-freeze on the other side of the hole in the wall.
  • The cooker could be replaced by a small AGA-60 City.
  • The shelf above the cooker will be moved up a bit and fitted with lights underneath.
  • I think a fold-away stool would be better.
  • It is currently planned that there will be a low wooden wall between the two sides, that will be topped by a steel beam, so that hot serving dishes can be placed there.
  • The flange of the beam could also be used to store condiments, sauces, oils and other things that might be needed both inside and outside the kitchen.
  • I haven’t decided where to put the touch-screen pad computer, so I can display my Serial Cooking pages.
  • You’ll notice that there isn’t much electrical equipment. The only equipment, that I use is a Delia’s Little Chopper, which I acquired long before she publicised them, a kettle and a microwave .
  • You’ll notice the only gas in the kitchen is in the fire extinguisher.
  • Gas incidentally, should be banned from inside the inhabited parts of dwellings on health and safety grounds.

Many of the pictures were taken with me sitting on one of my all purpose stools, that I designed over forty years ago and had made by a furniture maker. Incidentally, four were used as saw horses to support the work-top, whilst it was cut to size.

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Andrea Leadsom’s Lack Of Judgement

Andrea Leadsom may now have apologised to Theresa May according to this article on the BBC, but I believe the whole affair, shows a remarkable lack of judgement on her part.

In some ways it’s personal to me, as my family has a rather unusual genetic trait.

I have traced me male line back to The Tailor of Bexley in 1800 or so, and I’m certain that is where my coeliac disease came from.

What is curious, is that most women born into the direct male line of the family seem unable to have children, although nieces of the direct line have managed it.

It seems that if you’re the daughter of a coeliac in my family, you can’t have children.

You might say, as I’m a man, who only fathered sons, how am I affected?

Looking back on my family history, it has been riven with arguments and at the bottom of this, there has been the problems of some very strong females, both born in and married to the family.

I’ve also met others, who have similar problems in their families, which leads me to the conclusion, that the significant problem of childless women, should be left to themselves, their family and their doctors.

So to bring it up as an election issue, is just not on. In fact, as Michael Gove was adopted, you can accuse her of other things as well. I lived with an adopted woman for forty years and they are both proud and sensitive about their status.

As a Prime Minister, Leadsom will have to deal with lots of sensitive subjects and I don’t think she has the judgement and tact to handle some of the more difficult problems of this country and the wider world.

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Forest Gate Station – 4th July 2016

I took these pictures of the works at Forest Gate station.

Note the little kiosk outside the station.

I think that when this station is finished, it will be one of the best on the Eastern branch of Crossrail.

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How To Cook Gluten-Free Fish

As a coeliac, I get fed up with restaurants, who can’t cook fish in a simple gluten-free way.

On my trip to Sufbury, which I wrote about in Marks Tey Station And The Sudbury Branch, I needed to eat something.

I did find my usual stand-by of a Pizza Express, but felt that I might be better to wait until I got back to London and buy a gluten-free wrap or sandwich in Liverpool Street station.

I then came across the Codfather, which had a sign saying they did gluten-free fish and chips on Sunday.

The waitress said they could do me a plain grilled fish with new potatoes and vegetables, which I had.

It was excellent and I can heartily recommend the Codfather in Sudbury.

I can’t understand, why more restaurants, don’t use this simple method to satisfy, those like me, who need gluten-free food.

On BBC Breakfast this morning, there is a story about problems in our seaside resorts.

How many of them have a restaurant that sells gluten-free fish lunches and inners  to the standard of the Codfather or Kubicki in Gdansk?

A quick search has found decent places in Brighton, Hastings and Blackpool, but others places don’t seem so well served.




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