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What A Daft Name For A Railway Engine

This surely must be one of the daftest names for a railway engine.

What A Daft Name For A Railway Engine

What A Daft Name For A Railway Engine

I’m sure Colchester Power Signalbox is a worthy signal box, but to name an engine after it, is akin to calling one of your children something like BMW 5-Series.

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Collumpton Thinks About Banning The Apostrophe

Mid-Devon Council has provoked outrage, by discussing the removal of the apostrophe from street signs. Appropriately, this is the subject of a piece in the Guardian.

A picture in the piece is from my neck of the woods; Hackney and shows a sign labelled “Childrens’ Garden”

I think that they should all be correctly shown.

Note that even Transport for London, has an apostrophe anomaly in Barons Court not being Baron’s Court.  It’s all explained here.

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Getting A Good E-Mail Address

If your name is rather a common one, with a surname like Smith or Jones say and a first name of perhaps James or Susan, you will have difficulty getting a good e-mail address.

My name is not unusual, but by putting the last three characters of my post code after my name, I was able to get a Gmail address without trouble.

As the Post code of 10, Downing Street ends in 2AA, I suspect DavidCameron2AA would be available to the Prime Minister, who is probably not the only David Cameron in the world.

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A Take On The Name Benedict

With Pope Benedict due to retire, there is this piece on the name Benedict on the BBC’s web site.

It gives a fascinating insight into the psychology of having an unusual name.

I don’t think C and myself, would have used the name for any of our children and even any of future ones we didn’t have.

To return to the author of the article, Benedict Milne.  I bet having the name Benedict has got him through the door at either a good university or in a good job. One of my sons has a famous combination of names and he is immensely proud of them and they got him one of the best jobs in London.

I’ve just checked and is available.  So he can even be his own dot com. Having that as I do, is a great advantage, as you only have to give your name once to also give the e-mail address.

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Is This The Wrong Name For A Train?

The Dutch and the Belgians have given the new high speed train linking Brussels and Amsterdam the name Fyra. Here’e what Wikipedia says about the origin of the name.

The name Fyra represents pride, and is derived from the Dutch and French words fier/fière, both meaning proud.

Pride or proud is not a name that would be high on an Englishman’s choice, as pride comes before a fall. I think it’s from the bible!

Saying that various ferries across the Channel have been named Pride of Dover, Calais etc.

I do suppose the Dutch and the Belgians had a problem here, with their various languages. But then in the UK, some of our fastest trains; Class 390 Pendolinos, keep their Italian names.

Someone has just told me that the Dutch have another name for the train. This is the first paragraph from the story.

The Fyra is actually a high speed of Aldi. If you have a cheapest possible train orders, you get those too.

I wonder what Aldi thought of the free publicity.

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Two Dave Banks

On BBC Radio 5 Live’s program Double Take on Sunday morning they had a problem.

Both guests were called Dave Banks.

I had to go out, so I didn’t see if it led to any large amounts of hilarity.

I have a very common name and I’ve actually met three people who use the same first and last name combination I do.

I’ve always thought it an idea for a television show to get twenty with the same name and their partners to have a weekend in a hotel and then record what happens. You’d have to be careful about the hotel you choose.

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Finding Details Of Someone, Who Has An Unusual Name

The surname of someone, I used to know came up in the BBC’s Olympic coverage. I haven’t seen them in years, so I searched for them on Google.  It was only out of curiosity and I found a PDF of a letter that they had written to their local council, objecting to an extension to one of the neighbouring properties. It was on the council Planning Department’s web site.

Obviously this person has nothing to hide, but imagine you are an errant husband or wife, not wanting your name, address and telephone number to be disclosed to your spouse!

So does this mean that you shouldn’t object to planning permission, if you want to keep your details secret?

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I’d Forgotten Richmal Crompton Was a Woman

They just had a pece on the BBC about the children’s author, Richmal Crompton, who wrote the Just William books.

I’d forgotten that she was actually a woman, but Richmal is a rather unusual first name.

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Why Does My Computer Call Me Jim?

I know I’m called James, although not everybody who reads this blog knows that.

But why does this computer sometimes call me Jim. No-one does that.  In fact it was my father’s nickname, so I wouldn’t have used it would I?

Does anybody know how to change this American rediculousness?

Incidentally, if anybody calls me Jim on the phone, I immediately put it down, as it is probably a scam.

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