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Clever Tricks Improve Breast Scans

I like this story from the BBC’s web site.

One of the keys to fighting cancer is good diagnosis and the article shows how being clever with scientific, engineering and mathematical tricks, X-rays can be improved.

We’ll see a lot more of this type of innovation in the next few years and it’ll help in all sorts of fields and not just medicine.

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Why Drive With Idiots Like This About?

High-powered black cars always seem to be driven by idiots, like the drivers in this report from the BBC. If I’m nearly run over at my local lights, it’s usually a black car.  The last was a Bentley.  Luckily for him, my shopping bag didn’t contain anything to throw at him like tomato sauce in a plastic bottle.

But the guys on the M1 weren’t so lucky, as two of them died.

At least on my trip to Bolton at the weekend, I was totally out of the way of idiots like this.  In some ways it’s great not to drive any more and let the train take the strain.  Or can’t we say that now after Savile?

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Is This The Worst DIY Superstore In London?

When I used to live in Newmarket, I used the B & Q store in Cambridge a lot. This one in Leyton is my nearest DIY Superstore and it’s only about half-an-hour on a 56 bus.

Is This The Worst DIY Superstore In London?

Is This The Worst DIY Superstore In London?

The staff at Cambridge were helpful and knowledgeable, the store usually had what I wanted and the check-out was quick. On the other hand, Leyton had just one visible person in the store today, there was no-one to ask for what I needed and the check-out queue was long and not moving.  So I put the stuff I’d wanted to buy, back on the shelves and left.

I suppose it does have a bus-stop in front, but I doubt I’ll ever go there again.

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I’ve Got A Left-Handed Cable

A friend has just sent me a left-handed cable for my printer.

I've Got A Left-Handed Cable

I’ve Got A Left-Handed Cable

But it would have been nice for there to be left-handed plugs, as I’m not the only person who wants one,

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Hell’s Angels

This was the title on the second leader in The Times today and it talked about a charity called Riders for Health.  It has been chosen as one of the newspaper’s charities for Christmas.

I think what they do is brilliant and it’s so simple.  Providing transport in the rural areas of Africa must surely get better healthcare.

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Should Starbucks Pay More Tax?

As a High Street company I would prefer that they set up a system like Waitrose has done with Community Matters, where local charities are chosen by customers to benefit from a levy on takings.

After all, Governments have a record of wasting our taxes on things that a proportion of us don’t want. We all have our pet hates and mine is probably the money government wastes on defence and computer projects.

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Falling Out Of Love With Driving

The BBC is carrying a report about how we’re falling out of driving.

I had a stroke two years ago and my eyesight went, so I stopped driving. I could probably get my licence back, as my eyesight has improved, but I just don’t want the hassle.

I’ve moved from Suffolk to leafy Dalston in London and use buses and trains all the time now,

Do I miss driving?  Not at all, despite my last car being a Lotus.  My bank account doesn’t miss driving either!

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HS2 Is A Good Idea

It must be as according to The Times, golfers are leading the protest against the line.

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Did Leveson Use Wikipedia?

The Times today is saying that some passages of Lord Leveson’s report were copied from Wikipedia.

Surprise! Surprise!

Aren’t we all guilty of that.  I know, I regularly point to the articles of others.  But I try to give the source.

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What Do They Put In The Chicken Tikka Dupiaza At The Angel Curry Centre?

I went to the Angel Curry Centre in Chapel Market, Islington last night and had my usual shamee kebab followed by chicken tikka dupiaza.

I feel a lot better this morning, as the pain I’ve been suffering in my jaw has lessened. It did the same a couple of weeks ago after a curry.

I can’t think that their currys are very different from the standard recipe, although I suspect they do put something in, that others don’t.

So what is in the average chicken tikka dupiaza? I found this recipe on a site called Curry Frenzy. They’ll even sell you the spices to make your own!

It looks like the spices are chilli, garlic, ginger, turmeric and some mild curry powder.

I suppose I should keep eating the curry. Especially, if the weather remains this cold.

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