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What’s Wrong With Snooker?

The news from Pakistan just seems to get worse.

The latest was this bombing of a snooker hall in Quetta.

I doubt that any religion or sect could be against such an innocent game of snooker and it looks like Sunni Muslims were attacking Shias.

I just can’t understand anybody wanting to kill anybody, except in exceptional circumstances!

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The Palace of Industry

The building in the picture is what remains of the Palace of Industry of the 1924 British Empire Exhibition. Everybody passes it to get to and from Wembley from Wembley Park station.

The Palace of Industry

My father had a rather unusual snooker cue, that was exhibited in this exhibition. They were all in one piece in those days and the butt end was spliced with some very unusual woods. What happened to it, I do not know!

The old Wembley Stadium with its twin towers was built for the 1924 Empire Exhibition. The Wembley Arena was built a few years later.

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Farewell to Ted Lowe

Sadly Ted Lowe has died.

Here was a commentator, who through his knowledge of the sport and the power of his words, gave a lot of pleasure to many.

Sadly, there are few if any of his ilk left.

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Farewell Alex Higgins!

I always like to think, that I programmed in my pomp like Alex Higgins played snooker in his! That may be arrogant, but I can remember when he won one of his World Championships, I followed the final to the bitter end, whilst I was sorting out the scheduler in Artemis.  It was always the scheduler, that caused me such grief! I can remember punching the air, as the last ball went in!

Now Alex has been taken.  Probably by the Devil, who needs more tips on how to live a life of excess.

Snooker will never be the same again!

What worries me, is that he was younger than me! I hope he jumped the queue!

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