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The Truscott Arms

This lunchtime I went for a gluten-free beer at the Truscott Arms in Maida Vale.

The beer was a Belgian one called Daas Blonde. I would certainly drink another and one night I’ll go to back to the pub for dinner.

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My House Is Hot Today

When I left this house about eleven, I deliberately left the curtains open and the air-conditioning off.

As you can see the sun was also pouring in through the skylight, but the temperature on my return was over thirty degrees. After about an hour the air-coditions has got it down to 27.  But it’s still hot!

i do think though, that the skylight is one of the major causes of the overheating. But no-one can make a blind to keep the sun out.

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Crossrail Again Shows How To Be A Good Neighbour

Let’s face it, Crossrail is a large project and in some ways it’s as disruptive as letting several herds  of elephants roam Central London unchecked.

I myself don’t get much aggro, except as I indicated here to the various bus routes I sometimes use.

This story though, shows how they are minimising bad publicity, by doing positive things in the community. How many of the kids talked to in this story, will get a better University place or job, because of the experience?

PR often gets a bad press, but used properly it can bring positive benefits to everyone.

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Is This Humour From A Coeliac?

I took this picture on Walthamstow Central station.

Is This Humour From A Coeliac?

Is This Humour From A Coeliac?

As a coeliac, I found it funny!

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GreaterAnglia’s Awful Colour Scheme

I took this picture last night on the way to Walthamstow.

GreaterAnglia's Awful Colour Scheme

GreaterAnglia’s Awful Colour Scheme

The pink just clashes with everything. But then they also make the mistake of having red doors on their trains.

As with many trains on the Lea Valley Lines, it looks like the windows need a clean.

I think it can probably be said that when these lines come under the control of Transport for London in 2015, the colour scheme will be better.  Especially, as these Class 317 trains, will be given a refurbishment, so that they can last another twenty years.

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A Sunday Morning Trip

This Sunday, I did my usual trip to see progress at the various Crossrail sites in East London.

My route tends to be the same.  I start by getting the DLR to Custon House station and then doubling back to Royal Victoria for the cable-car.  After Greenwich, I either go to Canary Wharf for lunch or straight to London Bridge station for a bus home.

The cable car wasn’t that busy, but then neither was anywhere else. Coming back from London Bridge station, I got suckered into changing buses at a closed bus stop, which resulted in a walk, I’d tried to avoid. The sooner Crossrail is finished in the Moorgate area the better.

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An Interesting Idea

I’ve just read about the web site,, where you eat meals in other peoples’ homes.

I know of quite a few people, who might like to have a go at this, both as diners and cooks!

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Have Google Lost The Plot?

This morning, the BBC is running a story about revamping the West Hackney Burial Ground.

I’m not sure whether you would describe Dalston as West Hackney, but it struck me that it could be near where I live. If it is, then it would be worth a visit for before and after photos.

So I typed West Hackney Burial Ground into Google Maps and got a load of useless information and adverts for places around Hackney including Jury’s Inn Hotel halfway between the Angel and King’s Cross. If I were to score the information I got, to give it zero out of ten would be generous.

Google seems to be getting less useful as the years go by, as it concentrates too much on making money and inventions such as driverless cars. Incidentally, I could probably drive the latter, but here in London, I prefer the big red taxis.


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More On Immunocore

I found this excellent article on Immunocore, which is the company behind the possible cancer cure, I mentioned yesterday. \Here’s a flavour of the article.

In all probability, Immunocore is the only company worldwide that has been able to develop a way to harness the power of the immune system’s natural-born killer cells: the T-cells of the blood that kill invading pathogens, like viruses and bacteria, the Independent reported.

Obviously, it’s too late for my wife and son, but hopefully it will bring a pathway to help others in the future.

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The Only Problem With England Australia Tests

After the thrilling test match at Nottingham over the last five days, surely it shows that England Australia Test Matches are one of the most amazing sporting spectacles in the sporting world.

The only problem is that the various Test grounds here are too small, with the possibly exception of the Oval. But then as they were saying yesterday on Test Match Special, they are spreading the games a bit thin, with extra test venues, like Cardiff, Durham and the Rose Bowl coming on stream in the last few years.

Definitely gone are the days in the 1960s, when some of my schoolmates, used to get up early on the Saturday of the Lords Test, rush to the ground and buy tickets to get places on the grass, just beyond the boundary rope.

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