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I’ve Got Myself A Blackberry

Not a fruit, but one of those new-fangled phones.

Quite frankly I’m not impressed!

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Typing With One Hand

I’ve now acquired a new Sony VAIO laptop with a wide 17.3 inch screen. I mainly bought it, as my old HP  machine is getting rather tired and I was fimding I made the odd mistakes on the keyboard. As the keys were more widely spaced on the Sony, I thought this might improve my typing and a brief test showed that it appeared to be better.

I’ve now got the new Sony and this video shows me typing.

Not how I span with my right hand to work the shift and control keys.

It is my left arm and hand that is bad, as I said here. But the computer would probably work equally well with someone, who had right hand problems.

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Allergic To Corned Beef

In the repeat of Dad’s Army this evening, Private Fraser.said that he got out of sevig in the vArmy, because he was allergic to corned beef.

This must be one of the first references to allergies in fiction.

I wonder why it was included

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The Cartoonist’s Pen Is Mightier Than The Dictator’s Thugs

I’d never heard of the cartoonist, Ali Ferzat. until I read about him in The Times today. But he is lauded in their third leader as the Syrian cartoonist, who stood up to Assad and his thugs. There is more about him here on the BBC.

If I hsadn’t got emotional earlier, I certainly would be now!

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Getting Emotional

I can sometimes get very emotional and start crying quietly. I did this morning in Carluccio’s in Islington. I’ve talked of this before.  All I was doing as reading the colour magazine in The Times and especially the piece about some of the people who had won medals at the 1948 Games after suffering badly in the war.

The star of those Games was the Dutch female athlete, Fanny Blankers-Koen, who won four gold medals.  The Dutch presented her with a new bicycle.

One other competitor I’d heard of was the Hungarian marksman,  Karoly Takacs, who after losing his right hand to a grenade accident, learned to shoot left handed and won gold. He also won gold four years later in Helsinki.

One amazing tale concerns Jim Halliday, who fought in the retreat from Dunkirk and later was captured by the Japanese in 1942. On release from the his POW camp, he weighed just  27 Kg. He then won silver or bronze, depending on the source,  in the wrestling. Sadly he died in 2007, so won’t be able to present any medals.  Perhaps, he has a son or daughter, who can be asked!

And people moan about, VAT on pies and pasties. They don’t know they’re alive.

To me though, the crying may also be about my eyes telling me that they have now wetted up and are not as bone dry as they have been in recent months. Two years ago, a nurse treated them and said they were the driest eyes she’d ever seen. She gave me some artificial tears, but I can’t put anything in my eyes.

It’s not as if this day is anything significant in my life, as my son died on the 23rd, not the 30th.

Perhaps, I’m just one of those people, who needs to cry!

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Giles Coren In Today’s Times

I always read Giles Coren, as I find him funny and today in his piece in the Times he’s excelled himself on stockpiling. This is part of his piece on Gregg’s, which as I’m a coeliac, I find even funnier for some reason.

On a personal note — I have not eaten a Greggs pie in 15 years, and that was too recent. Everything Greggs sells is as grey, flabby and nutritionally otiose as a braised portion of George Galloway’s arse. The whole point of having a job and a few quid is so that you don’t have to eat at Greggs. It makes me sick to see politicians pretending they eat there. Greggs is survival rations for poor people and the homeless. Greggs is a major factor in working-class obesity. Twenty per cent VAT on its hot pies is not enough. It should be taxed to death for the sake of the NHS, which ploughs £5 billion a year into obesity-related illness.

I accept that as long as Greggs thrives, ignorant fat people will eat there three times a day, but it is cruel to put them in the spotlight as Labour has done. Some destitute people live on dog food, but do you want to see the Labour front bench kneeling over a bowl marked “Fido”, chowing on Pedigree Chum? Because they’d do it, you know. They’d do it like a shot.

I suppose it’s just the thought of eating a pie, that makes me want to get ready for the reaction my body would take.

If you haven’t bought your Saturday paper, it looks like Giles piece is well worth the cover price.

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The American Lottery

The news this morning carries a story that the Mega Millions lottery in the United States

It used to be the case, that American lottery winners paid tax on the winnings.

So that might be the worst prize as well!

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