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Worse To Be Late Than Racist

According to this article in the Guardian, Manchester City  have been fined €30,000 by UEFA for returning to the field late for the second half of their match against Sporting Lisbon.

This compares with a fine of just €20,000 for Porto for racially abusing Manchester City’s black players.

The logic of this defies me and I suspect every other person in the UK, be they a football fan or not. To take a simple example.

Does this mean if my bus is on time, I can’t racially abuse the driver, but if it is late, I can? Or is it the other way round? Not that we do this in London or in fact anywhere in the UK, even if the bus driver is a UEFA official doing a job on the side.

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Wot No Fountains!

It is always reckoned that if you want it to rain on your event, you ask the Queen, as she is renowned for bringing the rain.

But the current drought has even stopped the fountains in Trafalgar Square, as this article in the Telegraph outlines. Here’s two pictures I took today.

The visitors don’t seem too bothered. The Queen’s bad luck doesn’t seem to be having any effect. It will of course bucket down at the Diamond Jubilee and the Olympics

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Climbing The Shard

It would appear that a group of intrepid climbers have climbed the Shard by London Bridge station. Read the story here in the Belfast Telegraph.

People and especially students have always been doing this.

At Liverpool in the 1960s, I was in a year with Alvin John Slasser, who was usually known as Sean.

One night he climbed the crane of the Catholic Cathedral in Liverpool, which was being built at the time. I suspect that the Shard was taller, although the crane was several metres taller than the cathedral and Sean did claim to have gone right out to the driver’s cabin.

Sadly, Sean is no longer with us.  In the first year of the course he died in a freak climbing accident in I think North Wales.

If there is something tall there, someone will climb it!

It must have affected me greatly, as when C named our second son, he had a middle-name of Shaun. She got the spelling wrong.

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Santorum Gives Up

I think this is good for the world, as he would have made one of the worst US Presidents ever.

With all the religiously-driven troubles around the world, the one thing we don’t need is an extreme right-wing Catholic, totally out of kilter on womens’ issues and humanity in the White House.

He should crawl back with the dinosaurs and reeducate himself about the real world, where contraception and abortion are commonplace and legal, women work and guns and the death penalty are something you read about in history books.

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