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Getting Ready For The Tour

I took these pictures yesterday in mid-morning, as I walked around Trafalgar Square and Piccadilly.

The crowds were as expected later, but as the pictures show, the streets were surprisingly empty. The BBC is reporting this morning, that traffic was down twenty percent yesterday, so perhaps a lot of people took the day off yesterday, or came in later on public transport.

Speaking to a couple of bus drivers and some Transport for London ambassadors, who were there to answer questions, none said that they’d heard of a bus passenger wanting to use cash. The ambassador told me, that no-one had even raised the subject of cashless buses with her.


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How Much Beer Was Drunk In Trafalgar Square Yesterday?

Accordiung to this report on the BBC web site, Westminster’s team of cleaners, picked up about two tonnes of empty beer cans in Trafalgar Square yesterday.

if we assume that a can weighs about 20 grams, that means about 100,000 cans of beer were drunk in the square yesterday. Reportedly 25,000 Scots came down to see the match.

But at least little untoward happened!

The same story was reported in The Scotsman and a reader added this comment.

If we can organize this maybe we can handle being independent. Put a deposit on beer cans and the homeless will benefit.

Although, their estimate of the number of cans was a lot lower.

The Germans who came for the Champion League Final didn’t seem to drink much at all.

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Even Trafalgar Square Isn’t Busy

I took this picture in Trafalgar Square today.

Even Trafalgar Square Isn’t Busy

I would have thought that it would have been busier. It could just be that most of the visitors have money and hanging round Trafalgar Square isn’t part of their itinerary.

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Wot No Fountains!

It is always reckoned that if you want it to rain on your event, you ask the Queen, as she is renowned for bringing the rain.

But the current drought has even stopped the fountains in Trafalgar Square, as this article in the Telegraph outlines. Here’s two pictures I took today.

The visitors don’t seem too bothered. The Queen’s bad luck doesn’t seem to be having any effect. It will of course bucket down at the Diamond Jubilee and the Olympics

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