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Vapour Trails Over Hackney

I took this picture this morning.

Vapour Trails Over Hackney

They’re not normally this clear, but the sky was very blue at the time.

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A Stylish Clock At London Bridge

This clock is in the new bus station at London Bridge station.

A Stylish Clock At London Bridge

We need more of these at important bus stops.

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Busking On The Beach

It was a nice sunny day yesterday and this guy couldn’t resist getting his guitar out on the beach.

Busking On The Beach

He was just outside the National Theatre on the South Bank, sitting in the River Thames.

The guy is Tim Sidall or Flame Proof Moth.

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Meeting A Friend At Kings Cross

On Monday, I met a friend, who was travelling from Edinburgh to her daughter’s in Buckinghamshire. A few years ago, this would have been difficult, but now we met and walked into St. Pancras for supper before taking a taxi to Marylebone.

The pictures show the new ticket hall.

We could have ate in any number of places in King’s Cross, including the excellent Leon, whereas a few years ago, it would have just been sandwiches.

The one problem with meeting someone is that as the arrivals area is not finished yet, there is no obvious place to wait. But that will hopefully be sorted when the 1960s extension has been consigned to the dustbin.

London has two of the finest stations in the world sitting side-by-side on Euston Road. It all makes Euston, which is just up the road even more of a dump.

One of the ironies of all of this rebuilding, is that in ten years time, I suspect I’ll think that King’s Cross will be the better station, as it is growing into a superb fusion of the old and the modern.  But then I always have a soft spot for Kings Cross as I can remember the A4 Gresley Pacifics in the station. These must be the most iconic steam engines ever produced in the UK.

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A Movember Thought

This was yesterday’s Thought of Angel.

A Movember Thought

They do very well at Angel tube station to get a new thought every day.

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Essex Road On The Up!

I took this picture yesterday of the Essex Road in Islington, as it approaches Balls Pond Road

Essex Road On The Up!

I remember when the area was very run-down in the 1970s, but now it’s on the up, with some quality shops and businesses.

What is missing though, is a decent coffee shop!

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Betfair Got It Right

Didn’t they just as the figures show here!

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What Should We Do About The Ludicrous EU Budget?

These are not my words, but those of David Cameron speaking in Dubai, reported here on the BBC.

If you want to see the details of where all the EU’s money goes look at this article.

My conclusions from the graphs there are that too much goes on the Common Agricultural Policy and Administration. It is surely about time that the European Parliament was changed to only meet in Brussels.  But that would annoy the French.

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France Looks To Cable Cars

This article from the Guardian tells how France and other places are looking for cable-car solutions to urban transport problems.

As with many things, the way to a better future is to innovate and use good design.

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