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How Much Would We Need To Pay the Irish To Take Northern Ireland Off Our Hands?

I’ve just heard yet another pointless argument on BBC Radio 5 about Northern Ireland.

Whatever we do, the situation seems to get worse and worse.

Now the argument is about flying the Union flag on Belfast City Hall.

Surely, as it’s the UK’s flag, then the UK should say who could fly it.

I just wonder how much the Irish government would need to rid us of our turbulent province?

They probably don’t want it either!

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Are Starbucks Just Public Toilets That Sell Coffee?

This notion is put forward today in Caitlin Moran’s piece in The Times.

It also contains the piece of information that Manchester has just one public toilet. That can’t be true can it?

I rarely get caught short, but if I am, I usually go into a betting shop as many have very good toilets   All you need to do, if you feel guilty is to watch a race before or after doing the necessary.

Last night though in the Barbican, I went into one of the worst toilets for some time. The door had been spray painted by a vandal and the pan was slightly blocked and didn’t pull too well either.  For one of Europe’s largest arts centre it was a disgrace and very inferior to the immaculate ones inside Ipswich Town’s ground at Portman Road.  In fact on the whole football clubs do seem to try to get good facilities.  I can’t think of a bad one and I’ve used toilets in perhaps thirty grounds in the last few years.

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Express Fish

I did my fish recipe last night.

I didn’t do any potatoes, but the food was on the table about ten minutes after putting the fish in the oven.

The biggest delay was waiting for the oven to warm up. Where is an AGA, when you need one? But I couldn’t get one up the stairs here and Jerry’s building might not take the weight.

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I saw this film last night in the Barbican, but this time in the original screen in the main complex.

As when I saw Safety Not Guaranteed a few days earlier, I watched most of the film without my glasses.  What is happening to my eyesight? It’s certainly not getting worse, which you might expect as I get older.

As to the film, I found it a bit disappointing, although, if like me, you are an older person and like your stars to be stars, it is a good film. I note too, that it was a BBC film and it certainly isn’t wasting my licence fee.

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They Don’t Like It Up ‘Em

I know Corporal Jones famous catch-phrase comes from less-political correct times, but this story from Burma shows how dictators get very annoyed at well-directed humour.

After all, humour is probably the sharpest weapon in the arsenal and it doesn’t generally kill people, but it might change their ideas. Or discourage others from following their evil ways.

Although, there is no record of what Hitler thought of Spike Jones‘s song, Der Fuehrer’s Face. My father had a few 78’s of his music.

So long may The Moustache Brothers in Burma be free to poke fun at one of the most evil regimes in the world. My only hope, is that they can retire quietly, after the regime has gone.

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