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Remove Weight To Make Something Better

You would think, that by now, we’ve pushed the technology in lifts, as far as we safely can.

But, go up in a very tall building and you’ll often have to change lifts to get to the top.

One of the problems was that the weight of the steel cable that holds the lift car up, was just too much.

But now Kone have come up with a carbon fibre lift cable, that is both light and strong. They call it Ultrarope and it’s described here on their web site.

They claim that maximum lift heights can rise from 500m to a kilometre, whilst saving energy too.

That sounds good to me.

It’s a classic case of improving something, by using a new lighter and stronger material.

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John Stephen Remembered

This plaque in memory of John Stephen was at the Southern end of Carnaby Street.

John Stephen Remembered

John Stephen Remembered

I csan remember some of his fashions from the 1960s, although I never bought anything.

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A Restaurant I Won’t Visit

As they seem to encourage smoking dollies to parade outside, I don’t think I’ll visit this restaurant.

A Restaurant I Won't Visit

A Restaurant I Won’t Visit

She put me off so much, I didn’t even look at the menu, but just walked by out of the smoke.

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The Spirit Of London

This bus has been around in various guises, but whilst waiting for a 38 to come home, it passed the stop.

This report on the Stagecoach web site, gives details of its refurbishment after an arson attack.



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My Poor Australian Physio

I’m going to see him this afternoon.  I suspect he’ll get a lot of teasing after the performances of Australia in the cricket and the rugby at the weekend.

I doubt I’ll be the first to lay it on thick!

After all they did celebrate at the pub, by spit roasting a kangaroo!

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