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Glamour Puds

The Allergy Show was busier than I’ve seen it before, with three supermarkets; Asda, Tesco and Sainsuburys exhibiting and a lot more stands generally.

One was called Glamour Puds, which in my view is a great name to get your product recognised. Especially, as glamour is a word rarely used with food, unless it’s Mae West suggestively eating something most of couldn’t!

I bought one of their raspberry jam sponge puddings and ate it with my supper. The pictures show the cooking sequence.

It was good and I’ll definitely eat another, when I can find a stockist. They will be in lots of Tesco stores soon, but then they don’t have a big store anywhere near me! But I don’t use them anyway! That’s another story!

If I have a complaint it’s not about the pudding, but the web site is factual and not glamorous enough.

I also think that they could add a touch of glamour to their presentation.  The word drew me in and I wasn’t sure what they were selling, until I saw the packaged item.

One thing you have to remember is that I can be a showman, even if I’m a bad salesman, but I do know how to provide the ammunition for others to sell.

On the other hand Gerald Ratner was a showman and looked what happened to him. But then as he said, he was selling crap. This company certainly isn’t.

They’re also selling into a market, where a higher proportion of their target audience is on the thin side compared to the general population. So selling puddings to coeliacs doesn’t probably invoke the same guilt reaction in your customers.

I would wish them luck, but they probably won’t need any more than average good luck.

But how about a single pot custard to go with an individual pudding?

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Why Would Anybody Have An Exhibition At Olympia?

The only time in recent years, when I’ve seen any class at Olympia, was when I stood on a stand at a telecoms exhibition next to someone, who is now a peer of the realm.

Today, I went to The Allergy Show, but my troubles started before I even arrived. I just missed the Overground train at Highbury and Islington, so instead of waiting half-an-hour for the next train, I decided to go via Victoria and Earl’s Court. I got to Earl’s Court in reasonable time, but then there was no shuttle train to Olympia. So I hsad to get a replacement bus, which somebody had saved from the scrapyard. At least it was clean.

When I eventually got to Olympia, there was an air of dereliction about the place. But it wasn’t any worse than I remember it, when we took the boys to the Christmas Horse Show in perhaps 1971.

John Betjeman would be summing up a friendly bomb.

At least I got home easy enough, but then leaving Olympic is much better than going!


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Highbury And Islington Post Office Is Now Shut

The convenient Post Office at Highbury and Islington Station has been closed.

To be fair, it had seen better days and its closure probably makes it more likely, that one of the worse stations in London gets developed as a station for the twenty-first century, hopefully with step-free access everywhere.

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The Things You Find When You Look Through Old Photos

I’ve just bought myself a cloud and I’m putting all the family pictures on DVD up there, so that my son and certain old friends can see them.

I found this photo of a sign on the outskirts of Leicester or Derby.

The Things You Find When You Look Through Old Photos

The Things You Find When You Look Through Old Photos

I wonder what happened to Bubbles and Babes?

Did the bottom fall out of the market?

The picture was taken around 2006 or so!


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Wasting My Licence Fee

The BBC has just broadcast an interview with some Islamic nutcase.

Why is the BBC wasting my licence fee, giving fantasists like this time on the airwaves?

He might even be able to find out if jihadists go to heaven in a few days or weeks!

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A Sensible Solution To A Local Religious Problem

The Tour de France is creating a problem for the Jewish community in Leeds, as the synagogue is on one side of the route and the congregation general live on the other. So crossing the road twice is going to be difficult on the Sabbath.

Radio 5 have just had an interview with the local rabbi and it was amazing as he told how he dealt with all the problems and decided to have services on both sides of the route, in a synagogue and a school. He’s also timed everything to fit in with the race, so his congregation can also see the race, if they want to.

This interview should be played to all of those religious fanatics around the world, as a practical example of how to celebrate your religion, without imposing any limits on others.

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Glasgow Gets Money For Infrastructure

After the announcement yesterday about investment in the rail route to Penzance, a story broke later yesterday about a large amount of money for infrastructure and City Deal status for Glasgow. Read about it here on the BBC. One major piece of infrastructure included is the Glasgow Airport Rail Link.

So what is a City Deal?

Under the section on Wikipedia for Local Enterprise Partnership, there is a small section on City Deals and several large cities like Liverpool, Leeds, Manchester and Sheffield have got them. Only Manchester seems to have a meaningful entry in Wikipedia.

Type “City Deal UK” into Google and you get all sorts of irrelevant rubbish like transfer deals involving football clubs with City in the name and Groupon.

It stikes me that whoever thought of the name City Deal dropped an enormous clanger.

I did eventually find a government web site, well down the page in Google.

the obvious URL;, is owned by Groupon.

Never trust a politician to get the details and small print right.

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